Are you looking for some online board games for office when you should be working instead? The fact is that most of us are just stressed out and overworked. So a quick and fun online game is a good way to relax before we continue working again.

Online board games for office have to be quick because you wouldn’t have much time playing games in an office. They have to be fun and exciting. And they also have to be conspicuous enough, so your managers don’t find out! So here are some of the best online office games I have enjoyed playing and never got caught!

The Best Online Board Games for Office

1. Dominion

This is one of the best games for a workplace, and it is very addictive, so be warned before you start playing. You can play Dominion online completely free, but you will have to pay a few dollars a month for a subscription that includes the game’s expansion sets. I would advise you to stop before you get that far, but you are bound to get hooked anyway.

The game is about building an empire. It’s a strategy game and a deck-building game. You start with a deck of 10 cards. A copper card will give you a coin to buy more cards, and victory cards will give you victory points. The player with the most victory points will win.

You can choose to pay Dominion against anonymous online friends, or you can play against a robot which is less exciting. Either way, Dominion is an awesome online board game.

2. Carcassonne

This is another very interesting strategy game ideal for playing in an office. You have to build the landscape of a medieval fortress city tile by tile and score points. You also have to block the growth of your opponent at the same time. Or you can connect with their road and share points with them. The one who places the tiles in the most architecturally savvy and strategic way scores more points and wins the game.

3. Apples to Apples

If you have played Cards Against Humanity, then this is another similarly hilarious game. It is quick and fun and ideal for the office as long as you don’t laugh out as loud. It works similarly to Cards Against Humanity. You have to select a judge from the players. Then when a question card is drawn out, match it with the best-suited answer cards. The one who displays the hilarious answer scores a point. The possible combinations you get are very funny and guarantee an enjoyable break from your work burdens.

4. Monopoly

Monopoly is a classic option to play during your office hours. It’s not as quick as you would like, but it’s fun all the same. You can send invites to your office friends, too, and connect with them online for a more exciting game. And what’s more, you probably already know how to play Monopoly, so there is less time spent learning the rules.

5. Sagrada

This is one of my favorite online games and is ideal for art enthusiasts. Your job is to design the most beautiful stained-glass window in Spain’s famed La Sagrada Familia. The one who creates the most beautiful window wins. One of the advantages of this game is that it’s not very chaotic like other games and can be played in between completing your office tasks too.

6. Boggle

Boggle is one of the best board games for an office environment. You must first choose 4×4, 5×5 or 6×6 formats and then send the game pin code to the participants. Once the timer starts, players have to fill the box with words, but the trick is not to use the same letter tile twice in a word. This online game is free too.

online board games for office

7. Codenames

Codenames is yet another fun online board games for office. And there are many sites where you can play this game for free too. In this game, players split into two teams. Each team will have a ‘spymaster’ who will attempt to communicate a secret message from a card to their own team without the rival team cracking the code.

The best online board games for office fun

These are some of the best online board games for office that I’ve enjoyed playing. There are many online board games that are free to play, but not all games are quick and discreet. Games are an awesome way to relax amidst a long day of work. But of course, you have to take care you don’t get too involved in gaming and make sure you don’t fall behind in your office tasks too.

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