There are board games that will make things very interesting and intense, and there are board games that will make you laugh until you cry. As far as I am concerned, humor is one of the biggest bonuses of a good board game. We have had enough of our share of sobriety and hardships, don’t you think? We need a good tummy-trembling laugh now and then to keep us alive.

Funny board games are more effective in making us laugh than comic movies. That’s because we are actively engaged in the game, partaking in the madness and laughing at the expense of each other. When watching comic movies, we are just third-party witnesses. We may laugh if we find a particular scene funny, but it’s definitely not as effective as board games.

board games that will make you laugh

Here is a compilation of the funniest board games that I guarantee will have you up in stitches. Some are appropriate to play as a family, and others are meant only for adults. Get ready to be rolling over in laughter!

Funny board games that will make you laugh

1. Kids Against Maturity

Kids Against Maturity is a downright funny game that can be played by kids and adults above ten. Its rules are easy to grasp and require four or more players. The game consists of 500 question cards. Each player picks ten answer cards, and when a player reads out a blue question card, you have to try to answer them using the cards you have. The funniest answer gets selected. The player with the most winning cards is the winner!

2. Telestrations

This is a good icebreaker game that comes with erasable sketchbooks, markers, and cleanup cloths. This a game of sketching, and no, you don’t have to be good at drawing. Actually, the more pathetic you are with your pictures, the funnier it gets.
The game contains 1700 words and phrases. You are required to roll a die to determine what your secret word is. You must sketch within 60 seconds, and the other player must guess what the word is using the sketch. This might seem like a simple game, but trust me, it gets very funny and will have you doubled over in laughter in no time.

3. Monikers

This game is quite simple to play. A player selects a card, and the other players have to guess the name on the card. It is an updated version of charades. It has three rounds, and you will get points depending on the number of outcomes.

4. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is the ultimately funny card game that also takes the first place in my list of best NSFW card games for your next party. The game is very hilarious and an all-time popular favorite. A player will select a card that has an incomplete sentence or question. Each player must use the answer cards in their hand to answer the question, and the best or the funniest response wins.
The answers in Cards Against Humanity suggestions are outrageous, ridiculously funny and wild! It will surely guarantee you a good time.

5. Stupid Deaths

Stupid deaths is a game played against the Grim Reaper. Players draw a card to reveal a person’s silly death, and players vote if it’s true or false. If they are correct, they can move a space ahead on the board. A person who guesses wrong will move the player toward the Grim Reaper. Once a player reaches the Grim Reaper, they die a sad death. But they can use the life token for another try.
The game is perfect for those who have a good sense of humor and don’t mind some morbidity and dark humor. The game is outrageously funny and will surely make you laugh.

6. Say Anything

Say Anything provides that one instance where your children and friends are allowed to say anything they want. A player draws a card and reads a question on it, and the players have to write their answer on it and slam it on the table.
The person who asks the questions secretly selects the answer with a spinner, and players bet on which answer was selected. The player with the most points will win.

7. 3 Things

This is a ridiculous game about survival. When you are pushed to your limits and you are desperate, you must select 3 things for your survival. A player will draw a card that has a strange scenario. Then within 30 seconds, players must choose 3 cards from the pack and make their plan.
The player presents their case to the judge and wins survival rations. The one with the most rations will win. This game requires some quick thinking and creativity, and the absurd situations and cards will have everyone in laughing fits.

So board games that will make you laugh the most are the best!

These board games listed above are simply hilarious, even if they are played by the most serious-minded people. Everyone needs a break from the pressure of life now and then, and these board games are an amazing way to laugh and relax.

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