There are loads of easy online board games on the internet. But we need games that are interesting to play as adults as well as simple enough not to make an extra effort to learn the rules.

To be honest, I prefer tangible board games to online ones because the excitement and tactile experience of owning and touching a beautiful board game are indescribable. But online games come in handy when you are traveling on vacation or to pass the time in buses. And I have found them especially useful in keeping me sane when waiting in long queues.

Online board games are also more cost-efficient than board games, and they take up less storage space. And another big advantage of online board games is that you no longer have to beg your friends and family to play with you. Many online games have single and multiplayer options. Let’s look at a few easy and interesting online board games.

Easy online board games

1. Scrabble

I must include this first in my list, or I wouldn’t have done this game justice. This game is just great because even children can play, choosing the level of difficulty. The game is great for improving vocabulary. You can play scrabble with friends or strangers. The best part is that nobody can use any provocative or offensive words, so it’s perfect for both kids and adults. As a beginner, you also don’t need to spend much time learning its rules.

2. Qwirkle

Qwirkle is a best-selling board game with tiles. This online game is based on that and is just as fun to play. You can choose the level of difficulty from easy to expert. You can play with the classic Qwirkle tiles, or you can even customize your own.
To play Qwirkle, you can find random players online or play with your friends. Either way, the game is easy to play and very entertaining.

3. Monopoly

Monopoly is a favorite family game that you can never get bored of. You can download Monopoly apps and play or play with tabletop simulators. And what’s more, you can also choose from different board designs, dice and exquisite pawns to make the game more interesting.
Monopoly is simple enough to play as a family, and online game versions also have the option to invite your Facebook friends. No matter how many times you have played Monopoly, you are not going to get sick of it. And in online Monopoly, nobody can cheat anymore!

4. Guess Who

Guess who is an easy and quick game you can play anytime. You can play this game online on Crazy Games. You can create a private room and send a link to your friends to play with them.
The game begins with each player selecting a character and choosing one of the questions from the list. The other player has to respond to the question. In the end, the program will name a winner according to the score.

5. Pictionary

This is another awesome game for both kids and adults. This game is like charades. You can play Pictionary on Drawize, which has a platform for multiplayer. The online game also works much like the physical one. Players take turns scribbling the picture on the screen, and the other player has to guess the picture.

6. Boggle

Boggle is yet another word game that is ideal for playing among friends and family. You must first choose 4×4, 5×5 or 6×6 formats and then send the game pin code to the participants. Once the timer starts, players have to fill the box with words, but the trick is not to use the same letter tile twice in a word. This online game is free too.

7. Hives

The game is short and simple and yet funny and interesting. You could play a game of Hives in just 20 minutes. It has a maximum of two players. Each player has a queen bee. The goal is to surround the other’s queen bee with insects while trying to prevent their own from being surrounded. There are different kinds of insects, and it is a great game for both kids and adults.

easy online board games

8. UNO

This is the adaptation of the classic card game we have all played. The online version is easy to play with friends and strangers. UNO is a great game to keep your kids occupied while you catch up on time for yourself.

Fast and easy online board games

I have compiled a list of easy online board games, most of which are classic games. Since most people would be already familiar with the game rules, you don’t need extra time to learn about them. Online games are ideal for playing when you are traveling or any place where you have time to kill but can’t carry your board games along.

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