Are board games bad for the environment?

Board games have less impact on the environment. Because, once it is purchased, it lasts longer for many years and has multiple uses. Therefore, it is less than it generates any waste.
We see plastics dominating board games these days. That is sad as they end up mostly in landfills. Data says that less than 10% of plastics are recycled. Then the rest goes to the dump and in that case, it isn’t healthy.


How to protect your board games to last longer to avoid their impact on the environment?

Though in general, the games don’t harm the environment, upgrading them often may cause pollution. The old pieces and boards have to be disposed of properly. One best way is to sell it off to the place where it buys second-hand board games.
There are different ways of organizing your board game cards and other accessories properly in a way of having no damage to them. One such useful thing is a plastic card sleeve. You can store the cards safer.

Are board games bad for the environment?

How to dispose of the board game if you need to?

In this instance, you have to be mindful of the activities you do. Sort the products into recyclable materials and non-recyclable materials. Then dispose of them accordingly. Your package may even include its recyclable data.

Here are some eco-friendly ideas to store and play your board games.

  • Play print and play games.
  • Buy a few games. Don’t load many games. If others in your friends’ circle have the other games, you can bring them over and play.
  • Play the games without letting them rest on shelves.
  • Donate or sell your used board game than dumping it into the trash.
  • If a piece goes missing, you can order the replacement piece only without buying a whole new set.
  • Use wooden storage game units.
  • You can use small cloth drawstring bags for storing the accessories.


Playing board games isn’t bad for the environment as long as you play mindfully. But the manufacturing process involves certain harms as it uses power, raw materials, chemicals, and other costs. Therefore, it is your responsibility to play them well and dispose of or give away them in a proper manner.
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