Backgammon is an ancient board game that evolved during the 16th – 17th century. This is a two-player board game. This game involves the skills of probability, counting, tactics, and strategy. This game got popular globally in the 20th century. The game aims to get back all their pieces from the board before the opponent does it.

History of Backgammon

Backgammon recorded history 5000 years ago. Archeologists say ancient traits of this game were found in Iran. They found board, dice, and counters. But still, they do not confirm that they could be precisely from backgammon. Boards from ancient Egypt also have been found in certain tombs. Different parts of the world have different names for this game.


Structure of the Board and Game

Two people play backgammon. The board is divided into four sections. Each section is marked with six triangles or wedges. These are called points, and these come in alternate colors. So you can see twenty-four points on a backgammon game board.

The board is divided by a vertical line. And that line is called a bar. Then either side is referred to as an inner and outer table. Some call it a home board and an outer board.

There are fifteen checkers or pieces for each player. They are also known as stones. Various other names are also used to refer to these pieces. More often, those pieces are fifteen white and fifteen black pieces. Both players will have their dice to play backgammon.

The points on the board are numbered from one to twenty-four. The initial setup of the board begins as the players place two of their checkers on their 24th point. Three pieces on their 8th point, five on their 13th point, and five on their 6th point too. Points one to six are called home board/inner board. Points seven to twelve are identified as the outer board. Point five is the bar point, and thirteen is the mid-point. Hence, the first five points for both players are the golden points.

The game’s goal remains as move your checkers to your home board before the other does it. The first person who bears them all wins the game.

How to Play

The game begins with each player rolling their dice. The player who gets the highest number takes the chance first. If they both get equal numbers, they will have to roll again.

According to the number on the dice, the player has to move their checkers. That should always move forward. A checker can be moved to an open point. If that point is occupied by two or more pieces of the opponent, he cannot move.

If there is a single piece, then that can be hit. This instance is known as ‘blot.’ If a piece gets hit, it is kept aside, and that player cannot make moves until that piece is re-entered. Re-entry must be done with an open point of the same number as in either die. Here, if one point is unavailable, he can go for the other number to see an open point. If it is available, the checked piece can be entered. If there aren’t any open points, the player loses the chance.

If a space is occupied with moving the number, then the player can consider the numbers on each dice separately and use them in single turns. But for that also there should be an open point available.

If both points are unavailable, the player can opt for the highest number and make a single move. Even if that isn’t possible, then he loses his turn.

If a player gets double in their dice, they can move all four numbers. For instance, if the player gets five and five, then he can move five four times.



In backgammon, if a player moves all his fifteen checkers onto his home board, he can win the game. So he bears off by rolling a relevant number to the point where his checkers are placed. If there is no checker on a rolled point position, then he can bear the checker from the highest point. The first player to bear off all his stones is declared the winner in backgammon.

Is this a Well Recognized Game?

Of course, it is. Backgammon is a global renown game where as many countries have this as their national game. There are also World Backgammon Champion tournaments happening as an international contest.

Backgammon Online

As in every other board games, backgammon is also widely played on online platforms. You get a chance to play with opponents from different regions during this.



Backgammon is an exciting board game to play with minor tactics. This is recommended for everyone above five years of age. By knowing the proper rules and strategies, enjoy playing the game. Apart from this, if you would love to learn about ‘monopoly,’ a real estate board game, please click here.


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