Board games have attracted everyone, irrespective of their age. The love, one gets towards it lasts life-long, giving them the best memories to cherish. Likewise, board games for kids also have been popular. In this writing, we will see the best board games for 5-year-olds.

Board games have a lot of advantages. They improve many skills. Hence it is suitable for kids too. But when choosing board games for kids, you need to choose them age appropriate. Choose what suits them best and what the child can understand. Giving them what is irrelevant/unclear for them is no use.

Games for 5-year-Olds

Mighty fun! Brain freeze

This is a strategy-building game that enhances various mental skills. This game has minimal components and is easy to set up and learn. This set includes two brain freeze boards, two pens, two wipe clothes, one rule book, and two shields with a stand. It can be played in two teams or as two players.

This is an excellent strategy game that helps to improve logical thinking and subtraction skills. This game builds interaction and is colorful to enjoy. This is one of the best games for 5-year-olds.

Hoot owl hoot

This is a cooperative board game that is played as a team. The win or loss is enjoyed as a team. The aim is to get all the baby owls back to their nest. This should be done before the sun card is up. This is done by moving them along a colored track.

Each player has a set of cards that can move an owl to the next space of the matching color. This game is played until someone draws the sun card. You must bring an end via the timer if there are no draws. Whoever has brought more owls to the nest wins the game. The game levels can be decided on the number of owls caught.

Robot face game

This is an easy 2-4 player fun game. You must match robot bodies to their faces by quickly identifying them through color. This is a fun feature-finding game. This helps to develop visual discrimination skills. This also teaches children to accept the win or lose gracefully.

Winning fingers

This is a shape toy puzzle game. Kids need to quickly fix the shapes in the mold to win the game. This puzzle game is easy to play and develops hand-eye coordination. It also develops their concentration and fine motor skills. It is a two-player game, and there are 20 pieces in it.


Monza is a fast, fun racing game that is one of the fantastic games for 5-year-olds. There is a track that is divided into colored spaces. On each player’s turn, they roll the six-colored dice. Then they plot a course around other drivers and create no-go spaces matching their color.

best board Games for 5-year-Olds

My first castle panic

This is a 2-4 player game. There is a group of monsters who are racing to enter the castle. The aim is to catch the monsters before they harm the castle. This includes four how-to-play cards, 16 monster tokens, 26 castle cards, a wall, a castle piece, and a board game.

This game helps to build cooperation, strategic thinking, planning, and matching skills.


This is an adventurous board game. It also has educational benefits like routing them to learn about 25 medicinal plants and their characteristics. This game has waterfalls, deer trails, and logs that will take you ahead. Wildcraft is a four-player game. It consists of 25 cooperative cards, a spinner, 52 trouble cards, and 54 plant-themed playing cards.

Treasure hunt game

This can be played together as a family game. You need to lay the trails; children can follow them to find the hidden treasure. There is a gold treasure bar, jewel treasure, a loot bag, a puzzle board, and 100 reusable cards. This is easy to learn and play board games, one of the top games for 5-year-olds and others.

Zingo bingo

Zingo game is an excellent game for beginners. There is a zinger device; you need to slide it, make a match, and fill in the card to be the winner. This game improves language, motor, and coordination skills. 2-7 players can play this game. This game also develops interaction and critical thinking.

Stone soup

This is an exciting game for everyone who loves cooking. 2-6 players can engage in this game. You need to match ingredients to make a delicious soup. But you must match all the right ingredients before the timer goes out. Which means the fire under the kettle goes off. Someone has to draw the fire card within a time.

This element encourages quick thinking, teamwork, and memory. It also enables them to learn about vegetables and their nutrients.

Games for 5-year-Olds


This writing must have helped you to choose the best game for your children. I will come back with a great topic until you may read about top-selling board games.


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