Can King Kill Queen in Chess?


Can King kill Queen in Chess? This is an interesting question because often, the King is a piece that is protected and not allowed into the open battlefield. But when soldiers are scarce, and the situation is dire, the King must step up and take charge.

So can King kill queen in chess? The answer is yes! Set aside the question of whether it is correct for a royal to murder a lady. All is fair in war. A queen is one of the most powerful pieces a player has, so killing their queen will cripple their defense and discourage their morale.

In chess, a king can take any piece of the opponent, including the rook, bishop, pawn, knight or queen. But the King must be careful not to put himself in check while taking another piece. If the King puts himself in the position of checkmate by killing another piece, then the move would be deemed illegal.

Interestingly, however, a king can never take another king directly. This is because when he tries to do so, he will put himself in check.

If the King is to take any piece, it should be according to the range of his movement. A king can only move one square in any direction. The square the King moves into must be vacant and not occupied by another chess piece.

A king can kill a queen or any other piece, even when he is in check. But the move must get him out of check and not put him in the position of check again.

Can King Kill Queen in Chess? Conclusion

can king kill queen in chess

Yes, a king can kill the Queen in chess. But his movement should be according to his range. An important rule for the King when taking any piece is that he cannot put himself into check by doing so. Moving a king into check is illegal.

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