Can We Use Boric Acid Powder on Carrom Board?

You might have seen boric acid powder being sprinkled on a carrom board. Can we use boric acid powder on carrom board? Does it really make playing carrom smoother? Would it affect the board or the game in any way?

The answer to the question is yes. You can use boric acid powder on carom boards. In fact, sprinkling boric acid on the carom board is an important practice before playing. It helps in the overall smoothness of play, reduces friction and allows free movement of the striker.

What is Boric Acid Powder? Is it bad?

Boric acid is the most commonly used carom powder. Boric acid is also called Hydrogen Borate, Acidum Boricum, Boracic Acid or Orthoboric Acid.

Can We Use Boric Acid Powder on Carrom Board

Boric acid consists of layers of B(OH) 3 molecules bound together by hydrogen bonds. It has a fine crystalline structure, and the parallel layered arrangement contributes to Boric acid having a good surface polish.

Boric acid is used in the pharmaceutical industry for many different purposes. It is used as a mild antiseptic in eyewash, contact lens solution, vaginal washes, and in the cosmetic industry as baby powder etc.

Boron has therapeutic value in promoting bone and joint health. It is also used as a flame retardant. Boric acid is also a major ingredient in the manufacture of fiberglass and glass. It is used in swimming pools as a milder substitute for chlorine. It softens water and prevents contamination. It is also used as an herbicide and a pesticide.

Thus boric acid has many uses. But it can be poisonous for humans when taken internally or inhaled in large quantities. It can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, headache, lethargy, kidney failure, shock and even death.

Exposure to boric acid causes skin rash and even skin loss. Thus it is vital to be careful with the quantity of boric acid powder used and how we use it. Just because the powder allows smooth playing in carom, it is not advisable to dump the powder in any amount. Take care not to inhale the powder and to protect your skin from contact.

Pros and Cons of Using Boric Acid Powder in Carrom

The boric acid powder makes the surface of the Carrom board very smooth. It reduces the friction between the board and the coins so that the player finds it very easy to execute his strike. It plays a vital role in the outcome of a game.

But the powder is toxic and lethal when ingested, inhaled or if it comes in contact with your skin.

Caution must be taken when using boric acid powder or any other powder in carom. Health issues aside, using too much powder will disrupt the game, cause unexpected results and affects the accuracy of the strike. A light sprinkle to avoid friction and promote smooth traveling of the coins across the board is sufficient.

Read this for the effects of boric acid on human beings.

What can I use for Carrom instead of Boric Acid Powder?

Boric Acid Powder can be toxic for you when exposed for too long or in large quantities. It can eat at your skin when it comes in contact, damage your eyes and cause harm when inhaled.
If you want to avoid using Boric Acid Powder for these reasons, you can try other alternatives like finely ground oatmeal, rice flour, talcum powder or potato starch. Another good option is to use silicone spray on the surface of the carom board. It helps to make the carom board smooth and even.
There are many types of carom powder available in the market today. Most of them are made from boric acid. There are also non-toxic and safe ones made from vegetable starch.
There is also a pink-colored carom powder called disc powder. This powder really speeds up the coins and makes everything ultra-smooth on the carom board. Some prefer to mix this with vegetable starch and boric acid to enhance play.

Can We Use Boric Acid Powder on Carrom Board? Conclusion

Yes, you can use boric acid powder on the surface of carrom boards to make it smoother and even. But boric acid can be toxic for you. It will eat at your skin and cause complications when inhaled or ingested. You can use many other alternatives for carom powder, like vegetable starch, talcum powder or powdered cornmeal for a safer alternative.

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