Can You Return Board Games to Target? This will be a question if you are a game lover. It is excellent news that target is back to accepting returns. Since late, we noticed confusion with many in target’s return policy. So, we thought to bring it to you clearly with no confusion. As a game lover, you will also wonder whether you can return your purchased game and go for another option. We tried it out, and this is how it works.

All you need is to bring back your purchased product with its packaging and, of course, with no damages. At the guest service, they will scan the bar code and get your details. Or you can even produce the bill or receipt.

Can You Return Board Games to Target

How does it work on the online ordered goods?

You get free shipping for every return at target, and once they receive it, you will be notified of it and given a date to update your refund.

Within how many days can you return the product?

You can return the product within 90 days of purchase in-store or online. The product must be in original condition, though.

Can You Return Board Games to Target

The receipt is essential!

It is better if you have the receipt with you. In this instance, if your package is also unopened, you can be eligible for a full refund.

In case the receipt is lost, they may be able to track it if it was a card payment. If you had paid via cash, then it would be tough luck.

Will there be any changes in 90 days policy?

Yes! There are instances where this could be practical. That specification will be mentioned on the product packaging or your bill.



You could exchange or return your board game at target, and they will accept it and help you with it. Isn’t that a fantastic thing? Don’t worry if you have got the wrong product.

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