Checkers game is one of the oldest board games. It is an abstract strategy game involving tactics and strategy skills. Checkers is also known as draughts in some parts of the world. This is a two-player board game. Checkers game is known to be named because of the checkered board it is played on. The name draught is considered to have come into the practice with the meaning of the verb draw/move.

The checkboard is similar to the chessboard. But both aren’t the same. This is an exciting game to play. We will look further at checkers in this writing.



Ancient Egyptian checker samples were found in the British museum. The pieces were found in their burial chambers. Checkers game seems to have Egyptian origin. The origin is unknown exactly. Ye 1600-1400 BC is considered the popular period for checkers in Egypt. By that time, this game was known as ‘alquerque.’


Game Includes,

  • Checkered board – 64 squares of dark and light colors.
  • 24 discs – 12 pieces in each color. Color can be either black and white or red and white. But they are usually addressed as black and white. Each player takes a set of 12 pieces for them.

The Game Play

At the beginning of the game, each player arranges their discs on the dark squares of the board. The play is basically moving the discs diagonally forward to a vacant square. The black starts the game first. And then, players alternate their turns. So while advancing, if the opponent’s disc is in between the vacant square, you can capture it.

If the same pattern is available, one more advance or zigzag, you can follow the same in a single play. Finally, when a piece enters the king row (opponent’s back row), the piece must be crowned by the opponent. They will place another piece of the same color on it.

The crowned piece is called a king. King has more favors for him. He can move and jump backward too. If it moves to the end row with capture, it can also move backward with captures. The regular pieces not crowned are identified as ‘man’ in checkers.

In some global-level games, the king can move any distance along unblocked diagonals. They can capture the opponent’s pieces between the jump and vacant square.

In checkers, a win is declared when the opponent’s pieces are all captured or blocked in a way that is impossible to move. If both sides are in a similar situation and the process keeps repeating, then the game is considered a draw.

World Checkers/ Championship

The world checkers game championship is an international checkers tournament. World Checker’s Federation organizes this. There are separate events that happen to choose both male and female champions.

With the global pandemic, there were no recent championships held after 2018.

Things to Consider While You Play

Playing checkers game may seem more straightforward. But to win it, you need to play tactfully. Especially your beginning moves should be well thought. Our moves should be purposeful, and it is better to control the board and the enemy reasonably. So we can make the opponent make some forced moves that are not favorable for him.

Here are some basic things to consider for a good game of checkers.

  • Try playing with good players – playing against winning players teach you many insights about the game. It is an excellent opportunity to learn the game as well. Playing with a weaker player is not much beneficial for you.
  • Be mindful when a man is crowned – when crowned kings are on board, be mindful of the moves it can make.
  • Occupy your home row – keeping your home row will prevent the opponent from crowning. So keep the pieces active on that row as much as possible.
  • Aim for the crown – make your moves to make the pieces king as soon as possible. For the moves, a king could make it worth it all.
  • Center is vital – make sure you take control of the center. If you are a beginner, you may feel like moving through the edges will be safer. Not at all, because it will make the moves difficult later on. Hold the center with a pyramid shape with your pieces. You will see how interesting the game goes on.

Some International Game Rules

  • Each player is given a time of five minutes to make their move.
  • If a player, whose turn is on touches a piece, then he should move that.
  • If a game after twenty moves, ten each continues only with the movement of king and it keeps repeating, then they can bring it to a draw.


Checkers are a great game to enjoy and refresh our minds. You can play with your family members. Especially the kids will love playing this with you.

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