Chess is a board game that is played by millions of people worldwide. The roots of chess come from various countries; Chinese people played “xiangqi,” and the Japanese called it “shogi.” The current game is believed to have emerged from southern Europe.

Most of the schools started having chess as a particular extra-curricular activity.

Chess is an international game, and it’s inspired by young kids and adults who likes to play strategy game.

Chess books for beginners will help those who are new to this field. Chess books will help them to learn strategies and techniques.

It’s an excellent opportunity to learn from experts through their book, which they wrote with a lifetime experience in chess. It will bring confidence to an amateur.

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What are the best chess books for beginners available?

1. Bobby Fischer teaches chess by Bobby Fischer and Stuart Margulies.

This chess book for beginners is one of the bestselling chess books of all time, written by Bobby Fischer, an American chess grandmaster; the eleventh world chess champion Stuart Margulies is a chess master and a recognized authority on programmed learning.

 This book teaches tactics through programmed learning methods with questions on each page, making students go deep into the subject. It helps learn how to play with efficient and enjoyable methods.

2. Chess 101-by Dave Schloss

This book is written by Award-winning writer and internationally acclaimed author Dave P Schloss.

The book offers everything a beginner would need to know to play board and pieces to the structure and rules of chess tournaments.

International master and vice-president of and DANIEL RENCH has said, “whether you Want to know anything from setting up the board and moving the pieces to the rules and etiquette of the game in your first tournament? You’ll find it all and much more than that in chess101. Dave has given us a delightful Introduction to the royal game. Enjoy and learn.’

This chess book stands alone among chess books for beginners because of its clarity and organization.

This book is worth a beginner’s attention, whether adult or child-either one’s own or in a beginner’s class

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3. Winning chess Strategies for kids by Jeff Coakley.

 This chess book for beginners is inked by Jeff Coke lay, the Canadian test master and a leading coach in Canada.

This is one of the best books for children between 7 to 13 years old. This book is a part of a series of beginners’ workbooks by Jeff Coakley.

It starts with basic stuff like how to play chess and also talks about ‘rook lifts’ and the ‘X-ray,’ just a ton of essential knowledge in one book.

Opening principles, middle-game plans and end-game techniques are all explained in clear and straightforward language; separate sections throughout the book are devoted to combination and terminology.

4. The complete book of chess strategy by I M JERMY SILMAN.

The writer of this book JERMY SILMAN is an international master and a world-class teacher, writer, and player who has won the American open, the national open, and the U.S open.

This book is in dictionary form, a comprehensive guide, each strategic concept listed alphabetically and followed by a clear, straightforward explanation accompanied by examples of how to use the strategy in the game.

This book is appropriate for beginners and also more advanced players. Since the book has the form of a dictionary, it is easy to go through and find things.

5. Beginning chess by Bruce Pandolfini. 

This chess book for beginners was written by Bruce Pandolfini, who taught the game of chess to 200 players of all ages and levels.

This book teaches simple methods and techniques. This book shows you how to solve the problem with a few pieces on the board.

This unique book teaches over 300 elementary problems for beginners and those new to the game.

The author offers a scoring system for the students who can rank progress and results on a grade scale of categories from beginners to master class.

This is a fantastic book for busy beginners since this book solves problems without needing much time to study.

This chess book for beginners changes your chess vision to a high level. Though the book is written for beginners, it can be used by all skill levels. End the book author gives you some tips on how to improve your tactics which will be the best advice given for a chess beginner.

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These are highly recommended chess books for beginners. And all these books teach from basics and give easy tips to learn techniques and strategies. 

Most of these books are written by grandmasters and best chess coaches with their life experiences.

It’s always better to go through reviews of a book that you would like to buy; it will give you better options.

Here are some great gifts that you could gift the chess lover around you.


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