How long should a board game last?

Board games are a wide variety of games available in different genres. But the limit for a game is uncertain. We see many board games in various categories and age groups. The timing varies for each game and how it is played. So, none can particularly say a specific period for a board game.

We find the same board game in different editions in different parts of the world. Also, there are small changes in how they are played. Since there isn’t a particular time for each, people in different regions have adopted their timings for these games.

how long should a board game last

Why do people show interest in-game time?

This isn’t because they aren’t interested in the game. But to plan it accordingly. If one is playing a board game, one invests themselves in it. Time is precious for everyone, and that’s important to plan your game nights accordingly.

Does the board game packaging include the time?

Modern game packings include a label of the minimum time a particular game can be played. But of course, it hasn’t to be the same when you play.


What factors affect the length of the game you play?

The following are some factors that affect the time of your gameplay.

  • Mental efforts – most board games include strategic thinking and a mental effort to focus. It can be seen less in short games, while it is visible and consumes time in longer games.
  • Late arrivals – if you are planning a game night with your buddies, there’s no assurance that all your friends will arrive simultaneously. It may even force you to begin the game late. But if you start without them, you will have to end sooner if there are fewer people. Anyways, you also see games that latecomers can join you halfway to.
  • Game time – means which time of the day you have chosen to play. If it is a weekend night, you can go for a longer game to relax and enjoy.
  • Playing with kids – if you are playing with a kid or a few kids on your team, it has shorter-period games that end faster. The ideal time is 10-30 minutes.

What are some games that take longer to finish?

Below are some games we summarized that take a longer time to finish.

  • World in flames – 100 hours
  • Gloomhaven – 90 hours
  • Pandemic Legacy – 12-24 hours
  • Europe engulfed : WW2 – 12 hours
  • Twilight imperium – 8 hours
  • 7 pages – 8 hours
  • Paths of Glory – 8 hours
  • Diplomacy – 6 hours
  • Civilization – 6 hours
  • Nemesis – 6 hours
  • Railways and robber barons – 6 hours
  • The Republic of Rome – 5 hours
  • Through the ages – 4 hours
  • Star Wars – 3 to 5 hours
  • Axis and allies – 2 to 3 hours
  • Risk – 1 to 8 hours
  • Monopoly – 1 to 3 hours

To conclude,

Anyhow, the best game length will ultimately depend on what you are playing, with whom you enjoy it, and your situation. If you play with your loved ones, that will be quality time for you. With the right people and game, it is best if a game night can last up to 3-5 hours minimum. More than 8 hours isn’t appreciated, and you can break the games accordingly and play.

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