Can you have two queens at once in chess? How to get two Queens in chess? Yes, you can have two queens or even more than that in chess. This can only be done through pawn promotion. Since there are a total of 8 pawns in chess, theoretically, you can have nine queens at once in a chess game.

How to Get two Queens in Chess at once?

You can get more than one queen at once in chess through pawn promotion. Pawn promotion happens when a pawn reaches the opposite side of the chess board. For instance, if you are playing white, then your pawn must reach the 8th rank for it to be promoted.

When your pawn reaches the other side and is given a promotion, you are given a choice to promote the pawn to any chess piece that is more powerful. You can choose to promote your pawn to a rook, bishop, knight, or queen.

The queen is the most powerful piece of chess, so naturally, most chess players would choose for their pawns to be promoted to a queen. The queen is worth 9 points in chess. This is called queening.

But there are also instances where a player will choose a piece that is not a queen. This is called Under Promotion. But why would any player choose a piece that is less powerful?
Players may choose Under Promotion to show their dominance, or they may have some other strategic plans under their sleeve. They may also choose not to queen if they see a likelihood of a stalemate.

Moreover, a pawn can never be promoted to a king because there can only be one king on the chessboard.

Is It Always Best to Promote your Pawn to a Queen?

How to Get two Queens in Chess

No, it isn’t. there are some instances where promoting your pawn to a Queen is not advisable. Sometimes having a knight instead, which can fork two opponents at the same time, may be a better advantage to you.

But normally, promoting your pawn to a queen is the best option for you. Having a few queens on your side will make it easy to put your opponent in check. Most players cannot handle many queens from their opponent’s side.

So unless you have a plan that will not work out if you promote your pawn to a queen, it’s always best for you to choose to queen.

You can have as many as nine queens on the chessboard if you manage to get all your pawns onto the other side. But this is a very unusual scenario, and having nine queens will not be that necessary. Remember, the most number of queens ever used in a grandmaster game is 6, so having nine queens is pretty unrealistic.

Sometimes another queen may not be available. Some chess sets come with a standard of 32 pieces, including extra queens of each color.

How to Get two Queens in Chess? Summary

You can get two queens in chess or even more through pawn promotion. Promoting your pawn to a queen is an advantage to you, but in some instances, it may be better for you Under Promote. The queen is worth 9 points in chess and is the most powerful piece, so having more than one queen will make it easier to bring your opponent’s king to check.

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