We are going to focus on online board games, in this writing. Before that let us have a brief introduction to board games. We are aware that board games are a very popular type of game. No matter how long it has passed, the specialty of these games never faded. These games have been a part of the household for a longer period. It is undeniable that board games play a major role in our special events like friends/family gatherings and parties.

Board games have many benefits, and they are connected to most of our nostalgic memories. But with years passing, lifestyles have changed. Everyone is running behind a chore. It is hard to gather everyone around the table at home. Your favorite board games are laying on the shelves untouched. But your love for board games remains the same. This is where online board games come to the rescue.


There are plenty of gaming platforms to quench your gaming thirst. You can choose your favorite game with a tap and play with players around the world. Online gaming platforms give you real-time experiences mostly. It is rarely we find turn-based gaming sites. Or in some cases, some sites have both real-time and turn-based systems.

Board games contribute a lot to destressing and maintaining sanity. So do these platforms. Though they don’t give the same feel, they are still great to give you company. There are no complications in joining these gaming platforms. You do not need to spend a penny for most of the sites. All you need is an e-mail id and a password for you.

Advantages of Playing Online Games

  • The main advantage of playing online board games is, you can play from anywhere you want from your device. Many games have a mobile version.
  • You can play with a robot even if there are no other players.
  • You can meet new people online. Most of the game platforms have online chat boxes.

Disadvantages of Playing Online

  • As the two sides of the coin, everything has advantages and disadvantages. So do these online games. One such is, too much screen time isn’t healthy.
  • You need a stable internet connection. Otherwise, you may miss important segments because of network issues.
  • You will also need to be cautious while giving your email and other info to create the game account. Not all game sites are popular and trustworthy. There can be cyber-attacks. It is always better to use a different email for gaming and never give any personal information on those sites.

Best Games to Play Online


Monopoly is one of the oldest and best real estate games. There are various versions that you can play online. The original publishers themselves have released the official version as well. These games are played in your default browser. This doesn’t require any subscriptions or downloads.

The way monopoly is played is similar to how we play in real. Each player who has joined the game takes their turn. There are also sites where you can only play the game-switching users.

There are also games similar to monopoly played online. One such game is rento fortune. Almost all gaming sites have a monopoly online to play.

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Chess is a popular board game that still is at the top of the list. So there will be online versions of it. There are many levels of the game you can play. From beginner level to difficulty levels. You can choose according to your skills.

You can play chess online with a friend or another person. But there are also options to play against the PC. Maybe, you can use this option to have good game practice before you start playing with others.

Here are some popular sites to play chess online.

  • Chess.com
  • Chess24.com
  • Lichess.com
  • Internet chess club
  • Free internet chess server

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You can play different versions of this settlement game. It has taken its original roots and gives you the best experience. Rivals of Catan is one of the best digital versions of it.

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This is a popular game that is connected to the English language. This is a classic game to play. This game helps you to improve your vocabulary. You can have a good game with less disturbance and mess around playing it online.


You must be aware of this game after surviving the global pandemic successfully. This is an ideal game to play with your co-workers online. This game is all about working together with cooperation and teamwork with your teammates for a mission of overcoming a pandemic and saving people.


Checkers is an ancient and classic board game. This game too can be played online. There are small changes in the structure or the setup of the game within each site. Yet the basics remain the same.

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Best Platforms to Play Online Games

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous platforms to play board games online. Each of them has a different interface and they differ from the convenient levels too. But what is best about these forums is, we can easily choose the favorite game we want. The games are organized and categorized alphabetically. You can filter them with your requirements like difficulty level, time, genre, and interests. There are also specific platforms that are only for board games.

Below are a few of them.



As a board game lover, you would have had a clear picturesque idea of online gaming platforms. Moreover, the details given here would have broadened your idea of board games. Enjoy playing them online and stay happy.


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