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 My name is Harley, and I am the principal of Boardplaying. I am a gamer and board game enthusiast, and I love to share my passion for the medium with others. I have been teaching board games since 2010 when I became an instructor at the community college where I work. After graduating from college, I decided to pursue my passion for gaming by starting a school dedicated to teaching students about the
world of board games.

Carom Instructor

I was born and raised in LA in USA. I had a passion for sports from a very young age, and one day I realized that I could make a living out of it. I started as a ball boy for my local soccer team when I was just ten years old, and then I took up the game of carom myself when I was 16.

I have been teaching the game of carom since then and have instructed players worldwide on how to play the game well. One of my most memorable moments while teaching was when one of my students won the gold medal at the World Carom Championship in Chicago, where he beat his competitors in straight games without any mistakes.

As an instructor, I aim to ensure that you learn as much as possible about this beautiful game by giving you all the necessary resources to succeed.

Chess Instructor

I am a chess instructor and have taught chess since I was 9. I have taught chess at a community center in my neighborhood for the last eight years.

I learned how to play chess when I was nine years old. It was a game that my sister and I would play often, and we loved it! We would spend hours playing together, and she would teach me how to play. This is where my love for chess started! When I was in elementary school, my teacher introduced me to chess. My mom helped me with some of the strategies needed during our games, but mostly it was just me learning how to play on my own!

Growing up in a community center where many other kids played chess helped shape who I am today. It taught me how much effort it takes to become good at something. Sometimes I would be upset if I lost or didn’t win a game because of all the work that went into preparing myself before each match began; however, losing taught me how much effort it takes to win!