Board games have been a great source of entertainment for most of our childhood, and one such game is Monopoly. It is not required to acquire the game board to play Monopoly; that’s where Play Rento comes into the picture. Rento is Monopoly with some differences. It is available to play online and offline too.

Online Rento offers you the chance to play with friends, and offline Rento allows you to play with robots. You can choose your preferred language when playing Rento, and the game’s settings can be changed as required. The physical print of the Rento board is also available to purchase. It is played among 2 to 8 players. The goal is to bankrupt the other players by purchasing properties, building houses and trading lands, etc.

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Rules of Rento

Most people play rento by making up their own rules because not all understand commerce, and there are many rules to follow. The game becomes more interesting with twists and turns when played with rules.

So, let’s talk about the rules. That is similar to the regular rules of Monopoly.

Each player gets their piece to move around the board. Depending on the rolling of the dice, a piece can be moved clockwise around 40 squares. The players roll the dice in an order chosen randomly at the beginning of the game. If a player rolls double after moving the piece, the player gets another chance to roll the dice. In a case where the player rolls double thrice, the player is charged with “speeding” and is sent to jail without implementing the third try. When a player passes the start, the player receives $200 in Rento cash unless the player is directly sent to jail.

Community Cards

In Monopoly, the player can land on a Chance or a Community chest; in Rento, those terms are referred to as Luck and Community vault, respectively.

 If a player lands on either of those two squares, the player must execute the instructions given in the cards. A player can go to jail if a card that says “Go to Jail” is drawn or if a player lands on the Go to Jail square on the board, but a player is considered “Just Visiting” if the player lands on the jail itself due to the rolling of the dice.

A player can get out of jail if they pay $100, use a “Get out of jail” card, or if the player rolls doubles. The player will lose that turn in case of a failure to roll doubles. After three turns of failed attempts to roll doubles, the player in jail is released automatically. However, being jailed doesn’t restrict the player from selling, trading, and mortgaging properties, purchasing buildings, and participating in auctions. When a player rolls double while in jail, the player will exit the jail and move according to the roll.


Game Play

An unowned property can be bought for the listed price by the player who lands on the respective property. If a player lands on an already-owned property, the player must pay the owner the rent. Once a player purchases all the properties in a color group, the player can build houses/hotels uniformly in each of those properties in the next turn. Therefore, a second house cannot be built on a property unless there is a house in each of those properties in that group.

Moreover, the player can collect double the rent in the underdeveloped properties within this group. If the player declines the purchase, the bank can auction the property and sell it to the highest bidder. Houses/hotels cannot be built on railroads or utilities, but the rent will increase if a player owns more than one of those properties.

A property can be mortgaged after selling all the buildings built on the property by receiving half the purchase price from the bank. The bank has to be repaid with a 10% interest to redeem the property. Mortgaged properties cannot be rented but can be traded between players. Buildings (houses/hotels) can be sold back to the bank for half the purchase price. Loans can be requested from the players to avoid bankruptcy. After selling all the properties and buildings, the player is deemed bankrupt if the player can still not pay back what is owed. This eliminates the player from the games. The last person to remain is crowned the winner.

What Makes Rento Differ from Monopoly?

This feature can be considered exotic for rento. The game option offers strategy cards that can be used as a turn instead of rolling the dice. Each player is randomly given 3 cards at the start of the game that can be wisely used to put other players at a disadvantage.

If free parking on the board is replaced with ”profit-free parking” in the settings, then the player who lands on the relevant square receives super taxes accumulated by other players. There is a wheel of fortune a player gets to roll if the player lands on the “wheel of fortune” square. Then, the player can sometimes win a fortune or even a misfortune.

Monopoly can sometimes take a very long period. In Rento, special dice can be used to speed up the end of the game. Trading, mortgaging, and purchasing a property are only a few clicks away in Rento, making it a very convenient online game.



Rento is also an excellent game for property lovers. Enjoy playing this with your friends and family.

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