A quick review of the Spirit Island board game and a Spirit Island tier list of spirits based on their super powers and merits.

The Spirit Island

The Spirit Island board game is as spooky as it sounds. It’s a game of magic, fantasy, nature and everything paranormal in it.

The game is all about defending your island home from invading colonizers. But the natives cannot do it by themselves. They need the help of the spirits.

The players are different spirits that have their own unique elemental powers. At every turn, the players choose which power cards to play and have to pay energy in return.

If you have the knack to use the power cards to combine with the spirit’s elemental capabilities will bring in added bonus. Some types of magic are fast and effective; others are slow.

Spirits gain energy and make decisions to overcome the oncoming invaders. They choose to reclaim used power cards, seek new power or spread their presence in new areas.
Winning requires destroying every settlement and city on board, but frightening the invaders makes winning easier.

If the invader’s deck of cards is depleted, it means a defeat. It also means defeat if any spirit is destroyed or if the island is overrun by blight.

The Spirit Island is an award-winning game that is addictive and intriguing. But now, are you looking for a Spirit Island tier list of spirits according to what is the best and most powerful? Here is my tier list based on my experience.

The Spirit Island Tier List

This is what is meant by the letters that grade the spirits.

S+ -A very high-ranking spirit, but also may be a little too good for their own good.
S- a Superb spirit that always comes useful no matter what happens.
A-Amazing spirit, but it may have a small drawback
B– a great spirit that may have a few flaws
C– this indicates a good spirit that has been brought down because it is too focused on a single something
D– these are good spirits too that have flaws but also have some aspects that make up for it.

spirit island tier list

So here is the tier list, which I have put in a table

SA Spread of Rampant GreenThunderspeakerLightening’s Swift StrikeAn Immense Spirit , Towering and SlowPandemonium  WindGrinning Trickster Stirs up TroubleDownpour Drenches the World
ALure of the Deep WildernessKeeper of the Forbidden WildsOcean’s Hungry GraspFinder of Paths UnseenShifting Memory of Ages   
BBringer of Dreams and Nightmares.River Surges in SunlightStone’s Unyielding DefianceStarlight Seeks its FormVolcano Looming HighSharp Fangs Behind the Leaves  
CShroud of Silent MistSerpent Slumbering Beneath The IslandVengeance as a burning PlagueFractured Days Split the SkyMany Winds Move as OneHeart of the WildFire  
DVital Strength of the EarthShadows Flicker Like Flame      

The tier list is simply put according to my experience of Spirit Island preference. Are there any spirits you want to add? Any changes you wish to make?

The Spirit Island Tier List: Conclusion

The Spirit Island board game comes with many spirits that have different elemental powers. Interestingly, the very powerful spirits may not always be the ones that help you win. The weak ones have many useful powers too. After playing many games of The Spirit Island repeatedly, what is your favorite spirit? Who deserves their place in the S tier?

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