The Zombie Board Game Guide! is inspired by the various zombie films that we have come to like. Given that context, the board game Zombie is not only funny and exciting but also not good.

The goal of the zombie board game guide is to transport you to a classic zombie movie. Every time you play this game, a randomly created map will produce a new game. This implies that each time you play, the game is different. The game’s regulations are comparatively simple. It should take you only a short time to be prepared to play.

Zombie Board Game Guide!
Zombie Board Game Guide!

Becoming the first player to reach the “Helipad” tile’s center square, killing any zombies there, and escaping the approaching zombies is the goal of the zombie board game. The alternate approach to winning is that a player needs to be the first to collect 25 zombies.

Zombie Board Game Guide! in 7 Steps

1. Take a tile from the map deck & lay it face down on the table.

2. Take on any zombies that are present in your area.

3. If you have at most three event cards, draw up to three more.

4. Roll your movement.

5. Increase your position to the number of spaces the movement roll shows. Each area where a zombie is present must be stopped and attacked. After killing a zombie, you can keep moving up to the number of movements you have left.

6. Roll a six-sided die after relocating. You must transfer all those zombies into one space each if you can.

7. You may discard one event card from your hand at the end of the turn. After that, the game moves clockwise around the table.

Perfect Zombie Board Game Guide! 

Zombie Board Game Guide!
Zombie Board Game Guide!

The Zombie Board Game Guide! is also explained in the following steps too.

Check the contents of the box for the correct amounts of pieces. 

When you open the box, you should have 

-30 map tiles/map deck

-50 event cards/event deck

-100 plastic zombies

-6 plastic ‘shotgun guys to represent players

-30 life tokens

-60 bullet tokens 

-2 6-sided dice

If any pieces are missing, you have two options: manufacture a replacement token or send the game back to the retailer with a note of the missing parts. Either way, you should get a full refund.

Choose a dealer and seat 2 to 6 players at a table.

The game is impossible to play alone, but it becomes too complicated with more players than 6. Find some friends to play with you. Choose one randomly to be the dealer after you’ve assembled your players. Remove the “Town Square” and “Helipad” from the map deck. The two tiles are marked “Town Square,” The dealer must find “Helipad” by thoroughly searching the complete map deck. Remove these two tiles from the deck.

Zombie Board Game Guide!

Placing Tiles

The “Town Square” tile should be placed first on the board. Each shotgun person for the game should be placed on the “Town Square” tile, which should be in the center of the table. From this core tile, the remainder of the map will be constructed. Ensure there is enough space around it for other tiles to be laid.

Put the “Helipad” in the rear and shuffle the map deck. The “Helipad” tile is placed at the bottom of the map deck to be the last card selected after the dealer has thoroughly shuffled the deck. On the table, spread out the shuffled map deck.

Cards per player

Give each player three event cards, life tokens, and bullet tokens. The event deck is thoroughly shuffled before each player receives three cards. These should be kept from the players. The event deck should be on the table next to the map deck. Moreover, each player should be given three life tokens and three bullet tokens.

Various Map tiles

Recognize the various map tile types. At the beginning of each turn throughout the game, each player will lay a map tile on the board. Nine-square grids are created from map tiles. Only if all of the roads on the tiles are connected can players rotate them. A building cannot be situated on a tile so that it blocks off a road.

It is possible to arrange map tiles so that no more tiles can be added. In such a case, the player who put down the final tile forfeits the remainder of their turn. Whoever kills 25 zombies first in this scenario wins.

Discover named map tiles. There will be named structures on some of the map tiles, like the “Florist Shop.” The number of Zombies (Z), Bullets (B), and Life (L) tokens indicated beneath the name are immediately added to these tiles. The building must be filled with these tokens. A building will occupy a specific number of the nine squares that make up a tile because each is divided into two halves.

  1. A zombie, a bullet, or a life token may appear on any square in the grid, but only some three at a time.
  2. If a player walks into the grid square where a life token or a bullet token has been placed, they can pick them up. The player must clear the tile of any zombies before selecting the token.

Unnamed map tiles

Learn how to use unnamed map tiles. The majority of the map deck’s tiles will be nameless tiles. Count the number of roads that emerge from a tile. Put as many zombies on the map as there are exits from the tile. 

For instance, if you play a tile with four roads coming out of it on either side, four zombies will be put there. Any legal road square may be populated with these zombies.

After the game, place the “Heliport” tile. The “Heliport” tile will be drawn after you have used up all the cards in the map deck. This tile must be placed according to standard map tile placement rules by the player with the fewest total zombie kills. This marks the conclusion of the game. The winner is the first one to arrive at the “Heliport.” Remember that the game’s objective is to kill 25 zombies or reach the “Helipad” tile before all other players. Hope you enjoyed the Zombie Board Game Guide!


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