Terraforming Mars Strategy

Terraforming Mars is one of the best and most intricate strategy games ever made. The game’s been around for more than three years already, and winning at it is still very difficult.
So how do you win at Terraforming Mars? What is the best Terraforming Mars strategy to win?
When you are Terraforming, you are in the process of making a planet like Mars habitable for human life. In Terraforming Mars, you are competing with other players to transform Mars into a habitable space and become the first person to live on the planet.

What is the game Terraforming Mars like?

The game board consists of many different regions that have a certain number of spaces. These spaces allow you to put development cards on.
Development cards come in three categories green, orange, and blue. These cards cost energy to purchase. You gain energy by replacing workers on the card.
You have to put one card per turn on a region that does not already have three cards. If there aren’t any face-up cards left, then you can play two instead.

terraforming mars strategy

The Best Terraforming Mars Strategies to Win

Not every game of Terraforming Mars is the same. But there are some tips that can help you clinch a few extra points and secure a win.
Here are some ways you can become the first person to live on Mars, whether you focus on your technology tree or build up victory points.

Get all your technologies developed.

It really does help you win the game when you focus on getting your technologies developed early. If you prioritize correctly, you will be able to develop around 15 points. This way, you will be able to gain more points.
Focus on getting cards that develop new technologies and try to avoid negative developments. Once you have a good number of technology cards, play them out at every turn.

Use Terraform cards

I have seen many wins at the game by focusing heavily on terraforming their own tiles. They use development cards like ‘Terraform’ to get additional production.
If you are able to get all your tiles u to six or more levels, the hard work will pay off!

Focus on one type of development card.

Some focus on one development card at a tie until they reach the end game. This strategy wins as well. When you focus on the types of development cards to focus on, don’t pick the ones that are the farthest from you. Pick the ones that will help you win as fast as possible.

The cheap strategy

One strategy that has helped win is to focus on getting low development cards like ‘mining’ and cheap technology cards early in the game. You also do only one or two of your own cards instead of three.
Then once you have reached 20 points, then start focusing on getting expensive cards. This will help you get more developments done than your opponents and win the game!
Developing expensive VP cards early on in the game and getting far ahead of the others early can be detrimental. This is especially if they are drawing low-end development cards because it will cost you more to block them.

Build your engine

In Terraforming Mars, you have to spend your resources in order to gain more. So when you focus on building your engine, it can help you win the game. But it does take a lot of effort and time.
You can also use cards like “Habitat” and “+$+” cards which will give you additional actions for each turn. This will also help you develop more expensive VP cards, as there are many actions available.

Place your cities

It’s very important to prioritize what you are doing each round. Players will often want to place their cities on places that will gain them the most points. But remember, some development cards are so powerful that placing your city next to an opponent’s one might leave you with fewer opportunities.

Terraforming Mars Strategy: Conclusion

Terraforming Mars is an amazing game for those who like technology trees and building engines. It’s an intricate strategy game. There are many different strategies to win, and in most cases, I have seen people lose because they do not focus on one strategy for long enough. In Terraforming Mars, it is important to pick your approach and focus on it until you reach the endgame.

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