7 wonders board game

The 7 wonders board game is one of the most awarded and most popular board games of all since released in 2010. The game is fun, interesting and hooks you fast. It is played by 2-7 players, and each player represents one of the seven wonders of the world. The game is suitable for players above ten years and is the perfect for playing as a family or among friends.

Players compete by expanding their cities, gathering natural resources, developing commercial relationships, science and art divisions, investing in military power or even building their own unique wonder. Hence, the game is very entertaining as you race each other to develop your civilizations faster than others. Let’s look at why the game is so popular and its components and review.

7wonders board game

Some interesting elements of the 7 wonders board game

Ancient civilizations are quite an interesting theme and keep players engaged while also educating them. Players get to build legendary nations like Babylon, Alexandria, Colossus of Rhodes, Ephesus, Greek Pantheons and more. Be warned; the game can cause some sleepless nights because it can hook you that much.

The game has many quality components, is easy to play and can be challenging and conflicting as we make it. While you can build nations, you can also wage wars and cause conflict. The game is engaging, but after playing it for too long for many days on end, it can bore you because you eventually get used to the same elements. In this case, you can buy some expansions like 7 Wonders Leaders and 7 Wonders Cities and spice things up.

The game is the perfect balance between easy and interesting. The game can take some unexpected twists and turns and is flexible to allow you to change your strategy at any time. Players have their own individual boards with special powers in which they can organize their cards. 7 Wonders is also pretty quick. A game of seven players can finish in about 45 minutes.

The 7 wonders game lasts for three ages. At each age, players will get seven cards from a particular deck, choose one and pass the remainder to the next player. Players will reveal their cards simultaneously, paying resources, collecting resources or interacting with other players. Each player then chooses another card from the deck till the players have six cards each in play. Each card has to be played immediately so that the others can know how they are affected by the choices. The game ends after three ages.

If there are seven players, you may only get one card per round. So you have to be clever in balancing which cards you want to play with and which cards you don’t want your opponents to have. The ultimate goal of the game is to win victory points. Victory points are earned by developing your own civilization and make it more influential than others. The player with the most points at the end of the three ages wins.

7 wonders is mainly a card development game. Some cards give you bonuses, upgrades or discounts. Some provide military power to win over neighboring nations or victory points.

The 7 wonders board game relies heavily on symbols. These symbols may take some time to learn for a new player, and you might have to keep referring to the instructions to decipher them.

Another interesting aspect of the 7 wonders game is that it is suitable for colorblind players too. The symbols assist them instead of each different color of the cards.

Components of 7 wonders board game

There are a lot of components in 7 wonders. It contains some well-illustrated cards with a name, cost, picture and effect symbol. It contains double-sided player boards featuring a wonder of the world on each side.

Each board would have a day and night side of the same wonder on both sides. Each wonder is different and requires a different strategy. Some have free cards, and others provide science buildings. There are also a number of cardboard tokens in the box. The game also contains a treasury of coins.


The 7 wonders game costs about $30 pounds and are well worth the money. It is interesting, easy and quick to play. It’s suitable for players of all ages above ten years and comes with some exciting expansions in case the game gets monotonous. You get to be the leader of one of the world’s greatest nations, and it’s definitely a wonderful feeling.

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