Board games bring people together, creating happiness and memories. After the global pandemic, we see many top-selling board games. The market has exploded with many exciting games to play and enjoy with family and friends. There are single-player games, dual-player, and multi-player board games. These games cost us nothing, and they have a history of many hundred years past. While there are plenty of games to choose from, we will focus on a few that are top-selling board games.

Top-selling board games


Chess is a popular board game globally that is one of the top-selling board games. There cannot be anyone without knowing the name of chess. This game has an ancient history back to 1200 AD. This is played with 16 pieces on a square-checkered board. The pieces have different names, and they have different characteristics. Each has a particular type of movement to follow as a rule. The game’s main objective is to capture the opponent’s king and protect your king from catching. Whoever loses the king will lose their game.

Statics mention that more than three million copies of chess are sold in the US annually. There is an international body that hosts chess championships and global tournaments.

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This name has existed since 3000 BC. It is also known as draught. This two-player game is played by moving their pieces diagonally and capturing the opponent’s pieces. The piece that is captured will remain with the opponent who captured it. The winner will be whoever captures all the pieces of the opponent. This game is also played on a checkered board, similar to the chess board. But the pieces are all similar, and the two players get two different colors.

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Top-selling board games


This is a popular game even today and one of the top-selling board games globally. Monopoly is a multi-player board game about purchasing real estate and properties. The game’s goal is to bankrupt the opponents while collecting many properties. This is a great game to widen your financial and analytical skills. This game has sold around 35,000 copies weekly since its release.

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This game is also one of the ancient games from 3000 BC. Backgammon is played on a board with triangle wedges allocated for each player on both sides. This is a dual-player game. The movement of the pieces is decided on the toss of the dice. Though many modern games are to be played, backgammon still holds its popularity. There are international tournaments, and this game sold 88 million units by 2005.

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Top-selling board games


This is a great game to improve our vocabulary. Still holding a place, scrabble is one of the top-selling board games too. By 2017 more than 150 million copies had been sold. There are alphabet tiles, and each player grabs around seven tiles on their first turn. It is chosen randomly from the pouch. Board has a starting point in the middle, and each player starts making a word on turns.

Once the first player is done, the next player starts a word from anywhere of that previously mad word. The words can be formed from left, right, downwards, or upwards. The players get points depending on the point strategy marked on the tile and the board where the tile is placed.

Connect four

This is a two-player game played using a grid board and two colors discs. Each player gets a color. The grid is of seven columns and six rows. The game is played as a player needs to drop his disc from above the board, and it will fall and fix in a random slot. Then later, they need to form a horizontal or a vertical line with their color disc where four discs to be to form it.

The game of life

The game of life is also one of the top-selling games ever. As in the name, this game is connected to real-life experiences. It has a series of cards to complete the goals. We get to decide on our college and work life in this game. This is an exciting game as it is much connected to our lifestyle.


This is a game of guessing. You need to identify where your opponent’s battleships are and try to destroy them. This dual-player game has two boards for each. Earlier, this is played with paper and pen in schools with friends.


This popular game is one of the most successful top-selling board games. It is about irrigation and farming. Played with the involvement of cards, and this is an exciting game. It is assumed that over 22 million copies were sold by 2015.

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Top-selling board games

Candy land

Candy lane was introduced by Eleanor Abbo. He designed it when he was infected by polio. This is an easy board game that doesn’t require many skills. With the simple ability to count, this can be played. Hence, it becomes ideal for young children. The players need to follow instructions on the cards, and there are no other rules in this game. Candy land has sold more than 40 million copies since it came to market in 1949.

Final thoughts

If you were hunting for popular board games, we brought them all in one place. If you have one or many of these games, be proud of possessing a top-selling board game. Mark the others on your bucket list. If you were looking for top-selling board games, you might have a clear idea now. So it’s time to start purchasing them and enjoy them.

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