Wondering, ‘what Board Games should I play’?

Whether you are stuck at home with the flu or you simply have lots of time on your hands, it’s always a good idea to invest in a board game. Board games are a great way to have fun while bonding with your family and friends and an excellent alternative to screen time. But are you stuck on which games to choose and asking yourself what board games you should play over and over again? You have come to the best place for an answer! I have compiled some of the best board games of all among my personal favorite collection and listed them, so you know which ones to go for.

What board games should I play? The best board games of all!

1. Codenames

Codenames is a card-based game for eight players. This is one of the most popular and fun games of all and is great for sleepovers or parties. The game is fast-paced. The objective of the game is to guess your team’s code words on the board before the other team does. The spymaster will give you a clue and a number. The first team to find all the secrets without being caught by the assassin wins. The game costs $15.

2. Sequence

Sequence is a strategy game that can be played by two to twelve people. The objective of the game is to use the cards in our hand to make a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row of five tokens on the game board. The game is pretty easy to play, but there is a lot of strategy involved in trying to block the other person from making a sequence. This board game costs $30.

3. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a good game that is fairly reasonable in price. It’s $18 and is a popular, award-winning game. The objective of the game is to complete as many pre-determined train routes as possible to gain more points and beat out opponents. The New York version of the game features taxi cabs instead of train rides. The New York version is also much simpler than the original and faster.

4. Carcassonne

This game is very popular because it’s very replayable, strategic and easy to play. Players use tile that depicts cities, roads, monasteries and fields to fill out the countryside featuring a medieval French fortress. The objective is to place tiles on the expanding board. The game can be simple or very intense, according to who you are playing with. It costs $34, and it is worth the price because of its replay value.

5. Guillotine

The Guillotine is a game that takes us back to the French revolution. It’s a fast-paced game consisting of cards to be played by 2-5 players. The objective of the game is to earn points by collecting as many heads of nobles as possible. The points depend on how valuable and higher up the noble is. The twist lies in that not all cards are noble, as killing some nobles could lead to certain consequences. The player with the most points after three rounds wins. The game may sound gross, but it’s pretty entertaining and well worth the $14 it costs.

6. Catan

what board games should I play

Catan is an extremely popular game too. It comes with a lot of mechanics that would take some time to learn, but once you get the hang of it, you wouldn’t want to stop playing. The aim of the game is to earn points by collecting resources, building settlements and appointing an army of knights. You can trade supplies with other players, cut them off from building in certain places, or cut off their resources. The game is not so straightforward, but it’s interesting and also has some expansion packs for added spice. And it costs $44.

7. Villainous

This is a best-selling game that comprises Disney heroes and villains. You get to play a villain of your choice, and the objective of the game is to overthrow the heroes from Disneyland. This is a strategic game that is all about fighting for the kingdom and making sure Disney heroes don’t get a happily ever after! The game costs about $35.

8. Clue

Clue is a detective game, and the retro edition of it is a classic game for 2-6 players. The main objective is to solve the mystery of a murder in the mansion and to find out the murderer and the weapon used. The retro version of Clue has classic wood tokens, retro weapons and nostalgic graphics. The game is great for those who love to play detective. The game is priced at $24

9. Azul

This a tile-placement game that is very popular and successful. It needs 2-4 players as artisans to decorate the king’s palace. The object is to get the highest points while arranging the tiles on the board. The game is strategic, entertaining and beautiful. It may be a bit complicated to learn at first, but worth it. It costs $45 and is worth every dollar.

So what board games should I play? Pick the Best!

Board games are generally expensive, but they are worth the price considering how long they keep us entertained and give us an excuse to bond with family and friends.
If you are still unsure about which game to choose, I would suggest that you join a local board-playing society or play these games at your library with some friends before investing in the correct one for you. But trust me, all of the board games listed above are excellent entertainers and will not make you feel bored. You may feel intimidated by some games that are a bit difficult to follow, but you’ll soon get the hang of it as you play.

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