What is Meant by Subscription Board Game?

You have heard of subscription magazines, but what is meant by subscription board games? Subscription board games is a service offered by board game stores and board game companies.

Most subscription board games would mean that you receive a board game every month for an annual subscription fee. You can have the type of board game you want to be customized. For instance, if you prefer strategy board games or family board games, then every month, you will have a brand new game of your liking delivered to your doorstep.

I know most people prefer to buy board games based on their reviews and after having played them at their friends or the library. But nothing beats the excitement of receiving a surprise board game and trying it out with your friends and family for the first time.

In many ways, subscription board games are the best way to buy board games if you are an avid board game lover. But be careful which store you subscribe to. Some board game stores might take it as an opportunity to sell you the slow-moving ones! So choose a place that will do the research and send you only the best ones.

There are many different subscription plans in a subscription board game. You can choose to have a board game delivered every three months, every other month or even every month if you love board games too much!

Subscription prices range from $33.99 to $359.88 annually. You can choose to pre-pay or pay every year. I have also found that buying board games this way is much cheaper than buying board games from a store. When you have a subscription, you are eligible for a discount every month, depending on the store, of course.

I have an annual subscription from Unboxboardom, and it’s well worth the money. I have only the best and hottest-selling board games delivered every month (because I like collecting board games just as I like playing them), and most of them come with a discount compared to physical board game stores.

With Unboxboardom, you never get the same board game sent twice, even by accident. You don’t get boring ones, and you only get the types you prefer. And the best part is that Unboxboardom also allows us to choose which board game we want before it’s shipped. It gives you a choice of three board games every month, along with a description of the game!

What is Meant by Subscription Board Game

You have two different payment plans to choose from. You can pay for the board game every month or cancel as you like, or you can choose the annual pre-pay subscription. This option is by far the best-valued and gives you big discounts.

All board games from Unboxboardom come nicely packed and are of good quality.

In addition, if you don’t like any of the three game board options given to you, you can contact them and choose from any of the past games that are still available in their inventory as an alternative. If nothing satisfies you, then you can have your subscriptions pushed back by a month, and you can choose from the options for the next month.

There are many other subscription board games Game Box Monthly, Finders Seekers, Escape the Crate and Awesome Pack, but I haven’t tried any of them. I recommend UnboxBoredom since I have tried them.

What is Meant by Subscription Board Game: Conclusion

Subscription Board Games are services offered by online or physical board game stores where you can have board games delivered to your doorstep every month.

Services like Unbox Boardom will give you three options every month to choose from and give you the best-selling board games so that you will never be disappointed. If you really love board games, this is the best way to buy them because annual subscriptions because you get massive price discounts!

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