What physical parts do many board games have?

Physical parts of the board game can be identified as game components. The physical parts differ for each game. Commonly these parts can be mentioned as dice, chits, tiles, chips, counters, cards, pawns, miniatures and standees.

The role of these physical parts varies in each game. It means they have different properties in each game. But the dice play an important, significant role in most games. In certain games, the same piece will be addressed under different names.

physical parts

What if you lose a piece of these parts?

If you lose any of these physical parts in your board game, you may order or find only the particular part from the manufacturer or any seller. Most probably, you will find these online.

What are the prominent parts of board games?

  • Board – the board is vital for board games. Otherwise, it will be a different game. Usually, the board will be square or rectangular on which the game is played. It is placed in the center, and players sit around the board to play.
  • Cards – this is also a prominent component of the board game. These have different designs and data on them. They are usually square or rectangle-shaped with round edges. We can notice that these cards are protected with a laminated layer. A set of cards in a board game is known as a ‘deck.’
what physical parts do many board games have
  • Coins – made of either cardboard or paper. These are identified as the currency in games. You can also find plastic or metal coins with realistic looks in your game.
  • Dice – these are classic pieces in a game and are usually made of plastic. They come in different sizes, shapes, patterns, and colors. The most common type of dice is six-sided.
  • Miniatures – these are small figurines with detail. They are made of plastic.
  • Pawns – they are similar to the paws in chess. It can be seen in wood and plastic. They come in different colors, and each player can choose a color for them.
  • Timer – this can also be mentioned as an essential part of board games. It is easy for players to have a limited amount of time and plan the game accordingly.
physical parts

To conclude,

A board game’s physical elements give the player lots of experience. It makes the game more enjoyable with different characters and models. You can add different components even if you want to design a game.

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