Introduction-Why are board games so expensive?

If you are reading this, it is probably because you have been trying to buy a board game and were shocked by the high prices. Don’t worry; you are not alone. An average board game costs $30-$50, or some can even exceed $150!

Yes, they are very expensive for a game. And you may think it’s not fair for them to be priced so high when they are made of nothing but paper and plastic. So why are board games so expensive? Are they worth spending so much? But before we decide whether board games are worth the price, let’s look into what goes into a board game to make it so costly.

What goes into the making of a board game?

Before a board game reaches your hands, they go through many processes and stages. There are many reasons why the final product is so expensive. Firstly, newer board games are so costly because they are produced in small batches by small board companies. Basics economics will tell you that products that are manufactured in small batches are much more expensive than ones that are mass-produced.

Another reason why board games are so expensive is that many years of research and expertise go into the making of a game. It can take even up to two years for the final revised product to make it to the market. Games are tested by people, again and again, to see if the mechanics are workable and to make improvements. If a game is very popular and pretty old in the market, like scrabble or monopoly, these games can be mass-produced by large companies, and the final products are cheaper.

To create a board game, you need a large team of skilled artists, designers, editors, copywriters, technicians and, of course, testers. The price we pay for a board game pays all these people for their efforts.

Not all games are pieces of cardboard and plastic. In fact, there are ones that use heavy metal miniatures and pieces or coins that add their weight to the cost. If these pieces are designer, then the costs are higher. Games with standard pieces cost lower than those with non-standard ones.

Admit it, part of the excitement of playing board games comes with holding those artistic miniatures and experiencing the board details. All these small stuff that makes a board game so exciting push the prices up.

And also another reason they are expensive is that board games are items that a family would buy only once in many years or even decades. It’s not something that would make people buy more and more of the same piece, and over time, chances are that you will get bored of it. So companies keep this in mind when setting their price. When a consumer is not likely ever to buy the same product again, naturally, companies need enough money to survive.

So are board games worth the price?

why are board games so expensive

The answer depends on each game. There are many factors that determine whether a board game is worth the price. But in my opinion, yes, they are very much worth the price. A good game costs as much as a trip to the movies or a dinner out with your family.
But board games can be played over and over again, and they are a great way to bond with our families and have fun. In today’s generation, bonding mostly comes in the form of watching movies together or having a group chat. But board games keep us entertained, help improve our thinking skills and are educational for children too.

Factors that determine whether a board game is worth the price or not depends on its replay value, the number of players it can accommodate and the number of pieces. You could also consider its reselling value to consider whether they are worth the price. Some used board games sell at a much higher price than other types of games.

Games like scrabble are definitely worth their price because they have great replay value. Other games are valuable because of their artistic miniatures. Even if you get bored with the game itself, you will still like to own those little people.

If you don’t like spending so much on costly games, you can always opt to buy second-hand games or buy games that have great value and yet much lower prices. Some of these games are Santorini, Blockbuster party game and Tiki Topple. You could even play at a local board game shop or play at the local library.

Conclusion-Why are board games so expensive?

Board games are expensive because a lot of expertise and skill are required to produce a good board game. Most of the latest ones are manufactured in small batches, and they are one-time-buy items, so companies need to make enough money to survive.

However, most board games are worth the price due to their replay value and how long they keep us entertained. Truth be told, I would choose to spend on board games and books any time over spending on movies or video games. Board games are fun and excellent to play with friends and family. They are well worth the price!

If you already have some used board games which you don’t need any more, you can sell them to make money to buy new ones. Read this article for the best places to sell used board games online.

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