This topic of haram is really a controversial one. Firstly, we should know what haram is before we analyze the game conditions. Haram, in simple terms, means something forbidden by Islamic law. Or that God hasn’t accepted. So, what is allowed and accepted means the term halal. Anyways, is board games haram? Have you thought of it?

Is any game that involves dice considered haram?

The answer to this is neutral, and there’s still confusion on the fact. So, this has two answers from the scholars’ side as well. We are aware of the fact that board games involve dice in most situations. Dice usually give the answer based on luck. So, when a player believes that things are based on luck, that contradicts the belief of an Islamic believer, which says everything is destined. This belief takes him away from his religious track, which is not a healthy sign. Hence, this is why board games involving dice are considered haram.

are board games haram

Are gambling and betting games allowed to play?

No! Islam is a religion that doesn’t allow its believers to play any of these games. Earning money that you didn’t work for is considered haram.

Games and time

We know that board games take time to play while it is played with many and in turns. In Islam, wasting time is considered to be a bad habit. Moreover, when someone is deep into these games, they tend to forget their compulsory prayers and miss them. This is a situation where one is into a big sin. This is also a reason why board games aren’t allowed in Islam.



To conclude this topic, we can say anything played in moderation could be safe because too much of anything will be a problem. It can be fine if you don’t earn money through the game. Games that involve gambling and betting are also haram. Hence that is why participating in lotteries is also forbidden in Islam. Time is precious, and anything that’s done to waste isn’t encouraged.

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