Why is the earth called the earth and not the sun? Why are trees called trees and not water? Why are you called you and not me? And why are board games called board games and not color games or mad cards or strategy boards?

Why are board games called board games?

The answer is simple enough. Board games are made of strong boards that are made of cardboard. They also come with tokens, dice, miniatures, and cards. But I think that because the boards are the self-centered ones that take up all the attention, board games were named after them.

I think there could be another explanation. Board games could have initially been called ‘bored games.’ This makes more sense because board games are our lifelines when we are on the verge of dying from boredom. These ‘bored games’ might have been knocked around and evolved till they became the sophisticated ‘board games’ they are today.

Whoever came up with the name of board games and invented board games have contributed massively towards the well-being of the community. Especially the funny board games. The board games that make us laugh are the best board games of all.

There are board games that make us think too. An exercise we people don’t often do. So board games are crucial to help human beings practice thinking properly. It teaches us important life skills like winning, gathering armies and constructing buildings. It also makes us communicate, which is not very necessary nowadays because we have smart apps for that.

So why are board games called board games?

If you have understood, then let me confuse you further. A board game is essentially a game that is played with two or more players using a board, cards or anything else that comes in handy. Yes, pillows and slippers, too, as the game intensifies. But there are some board games that don’t have boards but only have packs of cards. They deserve to be called only card games, but these are often listed under board games too.

Some board games are all-time favorites, like Snakes and Ladders. Then there is monopoly, which you can play to make you feel rich momentarily. Some games like Guillotine are incredible ways to learn about the gentle dispositions of human beings. And there are games like Scrabble which always had me at a loss for words.

why are board games called board games

Most popular board games have a rich history of how they were invented. Some are the original creations of board game designers, and some are sly spin-offs from existing board game ideas.
The sale of board games was declining steadily due to the rising popularity of video games and new technology. But sales started rising again after the Covid-19 Pandemic. If there was anything good the virus did, it was to begin the return of Board Games.

Why are board games called board games? -A Summary

Board games are called board games simply because they are played on boards. That’s all there is to the answer, but instead, I had to cause so much confusion to get to the point.
If you have had the same doubt as me as to why board games are called board games, don’t worry, you are not being silly. I’ve had the same doubts too. Why is this called this and not that? I guess this leads us to the formation of language and when, where, and how it actually began.

Why did some words get associated with certain objects and not others? I give up. Trying to answer a simple question like that leads to more historical and linguistic questions, and that leads to more existential questions until, ultimately, we are exhausted and stagnant, like J. Alfred Prufrock and his progressive love song.

Do you want to have a great time with a board games? Here are some hilarious board games that will make you laugh till you cry!

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