Do you want to increase your probability of winning the monopoly to become a champion in the game? The answer you would give is a ‘yes!’. With your interest in real estate and the game, you must know the best ways and best monopoly strategies to play the game. As you are aware, we know that a monopoly doesn’t require a lot of tactics. But to be a champion in the game, you will need to use more strategies and tactics to hold the win at any moment.

With my love and interest in the game from childhood, I have developed these strategies and rules to see more possibilities for winning. I would share them with you, the monopoly lovers like myself. Let us be the game kings/queens ruling the regime.

best monopoly strategies

Get Properties at the beginning

– you must purchase all the possible properties that come your way rather than being picky. Later, you can decide which property to develop when the game moves on. Also, the most minor valued properties will give you a hand in bargaining and selling. When you buy more properties and collect the color group sooner, you can start developing them faster because they are more profitable than undeveloped properties. This is one of the best monopoly strategies.

Avoid the Greens

– green properties may seem prime and essential properties. But they are overpriced and developing them too costs too much. They are located at a point where the least landing happens. So rather than spending a lot on these properties to purchase and develop, you could do on the other often landing properties.

Create a Housing Shortage

– we know that a monopoly has a limited number of houses by default. So as fast as you purchase properties, you can start developing them when you are done with the color group. Purchase and build houses as much as possible. So when the other players run short of them, you get more rent as income, and less goes out of your hand.

Setup Rules Before You Begin

– make sure that before you start playing monopoly, keep forward the set of rules you need to be in practice. These are a few rules for a healthy game.

  • If any player seems to go in bankrupted way, and the possibility of getting back on track seems far from practice, then you can eliminate them from the game. Or other players can bid and buy their properties.
  • If any player is unwilling to cooperate and blocks the game’s process, the game can be called off and brought to a draw state.

Jail Experience

– all that comes to mind when you hear jail is a negative impact. But I would say it is both negative and positive. In the game’s first stages, you should always get out of jail as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may lose chances of purchasing properties which is a negative impact.

On the other hand, when you are done with developing your properties and if you happen to be in jail, you can rest there for a while. It does not do any harm to you. While you are safer there without landing on other players’ developed properties, you can collect the rents for your properties if someone lands there. These are all notable tactics in monopoly, which we fail to see most of the time.

Decide Boldly

– if you have two partially developed properties, then decide on which to complete the development first. You could consider these before you decide. The investment and the return of it as rent.

Develop Properties of ‘Go To’

– we know that while picking up community chest or chance cards, we get to see instructions as ‘go to xxx’ property. If you have any of those properties, develop them first.


Don’t Mind the Utilities

– this might be surprising to read. Yeah, we don’t get significant revenue with the utilities. The percentage is significantly less compared to other properties. So don’t bother investing in these.

Avoid Mortgage

– we know that mortgaging is a helping hand facility in monopoly. Unless it is a critical situation, avoid mortgaging even if you are urged to Mortgage; first, Mortgage the properties that you have the single deeds. While the property is mortgaged, you are not liable for any rent.

Buy Properties which Other Player Needs

– this can be considered as one of the tricky strategies in monopoly. If you purchase the properties that others need to complete their development, you can hold them without creating a monopoly. Later, this will be a great trade opportunity for you.

Have a Sustainable Cash Flow

– don’t invest in high-end properties initially. Then you will have no cash left for development. So make your investments wisely and purchase valuable assets for yourself.

Target Orange and Red Properties

– aim to buy these properties as they are the most landed colors during the game. You are already on the winning track if you hold most of them.

Adopt Standard Rules

– it is always better to abide by the standard rules than the home rules, which everyone has of their own.

Make Three Houses

– target making three houses on each property to earn a good income.

Avoid Hotels

– avoid buying hotels during the game. Hotels don’t give revenue as much as three houses give. Also, purchasing hotels means leaving behind houses for your opponent, which is unhealthy for you.

Try to Own all the Railroads

– owning all the railroads will give you a good amount of income. Even if you can’t own all, better to have at least one. In that way, you can block the opponents from enjoying the exclusive benefit.


To Conclude,

I have written all the valuable tips and tricks for you to consider while playing monopoly. You can easily win a game by adopting the above tips. I have experienced it and have tried them all. So with no fear, you too can try them out for a good game. All the best!
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