Board games are a great family entertainer. While we gather with our family and friends, we choose board games in the first place. Bringing everyone together at the same time isn’t an easy job most of the time. Everyone is busy in their corner. The rise of single-player board games arose with the global pandemic, covid 19. When people need to be in isolation, they need a hang of something to keep them occupied. So, these best single-player board games were handy and helpful in overcoming the situation. With the demand that began, board game manufacturers, too, found this a great addition to their list.

Here are some of the best single-player board games we listed for your convenience.

Single-Player Board Games

The 7th continent

This is one of the awesome single-player board games with adventure and fun. It is like an explorer traveling through finding adventures and experiences. There are tile-based cards available. The tiles are laid, and you will have no idea what is there. It may have something/tools for your survival, or you may need another path.

Dynamic and higher-staked decisions should be made when you are playing alone.


This is a puzzle tabletop board game. You must draw bullets from a bag and place them on the board with a pattern. There are some rules to be followed. Your character should match the cards in your hand. Then you can remove the bullets and hand them to the next player, making him tense.

This might sound interesting with two, and you may wonder how it will be as a single-player board game. It can be. You can use a timer to make the game enjoyable.


This is a horror board game involving a spaceship. This is a game where you play against time. You will have deadly experiences where you are trying to control everything alone, hearing nasty noises around.


This is a modern digital game created with good creativity. This is an app-oriented game. Your app will act as the physical overlay for the game. There will be skill checks throughout the game, and one of your main goals is to level up your skills as power, talent, and intelligence. When you are leveled up, you can pass the levels easier.

City of Angels

This is a crime detective game where you are trying to find right in a city full of crimes. This is a complicated game, yet enjoyable. Though this is a multiple-player game, this is great for solo players. There’s no wrong with trying a few rules.

best Single-Player Board Games

Spirit island

This is a game about protecting your land from nasty colonizers. This heavy card game also happens to be one of the good single-player board games.


The name itself resembles something with knowledge, isn’t it? This is an excellent game for everyone who loves invention and learning more. There are puzzles and various other games to be played in this.

Tin helm

This game facilitates players to select a unique race and play before the adventure begins. From there, your game begins with battling and finding enemies. This takes way along the dungeons, and you will meet the boss at the end. Maintaining your health reasonably is vital to reach the end level.

House of danger

This board game acts as an excellent game for solo players. You must travel along a haunted house filled with strange beings and magic. You have to make decisions on the pathway you are choosing. There are paths with treasures as well as death. So making a wise decision is essential.

Dinosaur island

In this game, you must build, maintain, and run your own Jurassic world. Your target is aiming for more tourists to your park. Moreover, you need to maintain a sound security system to attract more people. This game starts with dice rolling and selecting functions accordingly—great game for solo play.

Single-Player Board Games


So far, we have seen some single-player board games. We were in a period where we thought playing board games alone was impossible, and we are there now. This article gave you some great ideas on single-player board games. Also, read about an entertaining family game in our blog.


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