What is the board game Olympics?


Are there board games in the Olympic Games, or is the board games Olympics a different sort of game altogether?

Board game Olympics simply refers to a made-up tournament where players have sped-up versions of classic board games. These games include Scattegories, Taboo, Trivial Pursuit, Operation, Rumikube, Cranium, Yhatzee and Giant Jenga.

The board game Olympics is not a serious game like the real Olympics but is only an event where board game lovers can gather, test their skills and have fun. The winners are given medals and prizes.

And are you now wondering how and where the board game Olympics began or who organized it? The board game Olympics can be organized by any association, federation, team or individual who thinks they are professionals at board games. They can even create sped-up and more deathly versions of the classic games and look for sponsors to award winners. After all, board games are all about having fun.

In the board games, it’s just friends and neighbors competing against each other. There are no flags, countries or nationalities involved.

Often, you will have to pay a small amount to join these games. And the money you pay will be used to sponsor the event.

Some board game retailers and manufacturers too may sponsor or organize events like this and award board games or board game subscriptions as prizes.

The Board Game Olympics Should Really Begin

The idea of board game Olympics is fun for board game lovers and novices too. The winner can be awarded the ‘Best Board Gamer’ award. It can be organized by anyone who thinks they are professional at classic board games. You only have to look for people to make up your teams.

I hardly ever doubt board games will be a part of the Olympics. There has been a campaign for many years to make chess a part of the Olympics, but it has all been in vain. Chess has been recognized as a sport, but it is not a sport that requires the same physical exertion and stamina required in other outdoor games.

But over time, if board games become increasingly popular, there is a chance that there will be professional board game tournaments held so that favorite and classic board games will be played. Board game lovers will have a chance to compete and test their gaming skills. But it would also mean that people will take up board game playing much more seriously, and it will no longer be the means to have a light-hearted game and relax with friends.

What do you think? Do board games deserve to have their own tournament? What games do you think should be included in the board game tournaments? Is ‘board game Olympics’ a plausible idea?

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