Chess grandmasters are among the most skilled and intelligent individuals in the world of sports. They have dedicated their lives to mastering the game’s art, and their skills are not just limited to the board. However, one of the most common questions is how they make a living. In this article, we will explore how chess grandmasters earn their income. Here are the ten shocking methods about “how do chess grandmasters make a living?”. Read for more details.

How do chess grandmasters make a living?: Methods proof

How do chess grandmasters make a living?
Chess is a mind game you should try

Most chess grandmasters earn their living through competition and instruction. Other viable options include collecting royalties from content creation, whether physical or digital, advertising money, and accepting streaming-based contributions. Unlike in other sports, only a few athletes get money through modeling and commercial endorsements.

Tournament Winnings

How do chess grandmasters make a living?
Chess masters especially can earn money winning tournaments,

The primary source of income for chess grandmasters is tournament winnings. Chess tournaments are held worldwide, and the prize money can be significant. The larger the event, the more money will be at stake. The prize money for a top-tier tournament can easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the winner can take home a significant amount. But not all tournaments have cash prizes, and the amount can vary significantly from tournament to tournament.


How do chess grandmasters make a living?

Another way that chess grandmasters make a living is through sponsorships. Just like any other sport, chess has its own set of sponsors. These sponsors include chess clubs, online platforms, and clothing brands. Chess grandmasters can earn significant money through sponsorships; this income is stable. Sponsors are attracted to grandmasters who are successful and have a large following. That is why you often see top grandmasters sporting logos on their clothing during tournaments.


Coaching is another way that chess grandmasters can earn a living. Many grandmasters offer coaching services to individuals who want to learn how to play the game or improve their skills. The coaching fees can vary greatly, but they are typically relatively high. It’s because a grandmaster’s time is valuable, and they have a wealth of knowledge to share. Many top grandmasters have websites where they offer online coaching services to people all over the world.

Writing Books and Articles

Many chess grandmasters earn money by writing books and articles about the game. Chess is a game that has been played for centuries and contains a wealth of knowledge that should share. Grandmasters are often called upon to write about their experiences, strategies, and insights into the game. These books and articles are popular, especially if the grandmaster is well known. Some grandmasters even write for popular chess magazines, which can provide a steady income stream.

Simultaneous Exhibitions

Simultaneous exhibitions are another way that chess grandmasters can earn money. At these events, a grandmaster plays multiple games of chess against multiple opponents at the same time. These shows are an excellent way for a grandmaster to show off their skills, and they can also be profitable. Participants pay a fee to play, and the grandmaster can earn significantly, especially if they are successful.

Other methods to earn money from chess

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Helping out superstars in their private lab at home is a different method of earning money at chess. The training to engage in mock battles, developing and testing new strategies, and identifying the flaws of one’s opponents

  1. Selling in Chess Products

Selling chess-related products was widespread in the post-Soviet era when avid chess players would pack their big duffel bags full of rare books and equipment to sell at tournaments throughout the globe. This selling option may be less eye-catching now but it still serves its purpose. Identifying and emphasizing weak spots in one’s opponents’ defenses

  1. Activity requiring organization

Being an arbitrator or tournament director is a unique way to make money. FIDE recently published the World Rapid and Blitz Rules, which included information on the compensation to be awarded to the tournament’s ultimate referee and other officials. It’s around $30,000, split among ten people. Arbiters’ salary levels naturally vary from one nation to the next.

  1. Sporting Clubs

Playing for clubs is the primary source of income for non-elite grandmasters. A professional athlete participating in a club earns between $20,000 and more than $25,000.

How much money do grandmasters make?

How do chess grandmasters make a living?

Since there are so many ways for GMs to raise their income, this is a complex topic. As I’ve shown throughout this piece, various income levels exist. From what I have seen and heard, the average annual salary for a GM is between $20,000 and $40,000. But there is a catch: most GMs do not rely solely on chess for financial support. Most chess players have day jobs, with just a portion of their monthly revenue coming from chess-related activities like tournaments, tutoring, and publishing.

Who is the wealthiest grandmaster in the world?

How do chess grandmasters make a living?

You are right if you picked Magnus Carlsen as the world’s wealthiest chess player. It’s reported that this gorgeous young star pulls in $2 million a year in endorsement deals. The Norwegian chess player Magnus Carlsen has a combined wealth of $8 million.

Magnus Carlsen’s birthdate is November 1990, and his hometown is Tonsberg in Vestfold, Norway. He has held the titles of World Rapid and Classical Chess Champions for over eight years and Super Grandmaster for the last two. Magnus Carlsen won the highest-ever peak rating of 2882, beating chess legends like Garry Kasparov. Carlsen was one of the youngest people to become a grandmaster.


In conclusion, chess grandmasters can make a living through various methods. These methods include tournament winnings, sponsorships, coaching, writing books and articles, and simultaneous exhibitions. But there are a few other methods that most grandmasters follow to keep earning on chess. It is worth noting that not all chess grandmasters make a lot of money, and the amount they make can vary greatly depending on their level of success. 

However, for those who have reached the pinnacle of the sport, the opportunities for making a living are plentiful. Chess is a game that has been played for centuries, and it continues to captivate people all over the world. It is no wonder that so many people have dedicated their lives to mastering it.


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