How Much Does a Chess Coach Make?


How much does a chess coach make? The charges of most chess coaches depend on how successful they are. Most titled players charge more than $20-$30 per hour, and famous grandmaster coaches will charge more than $50-$100 per hour. Charges per hour range from $20-$100 and even much more if they are coaching professional chess players.

How much a chess coach makes depends on many factors like how good the person is at chess, whether they are any title winners or not, their past experience and how well they can teach. When the students of a chess coach become title winners, too, the value of the coach goes up.

Most chess coaches take up coaching as a part-time job because being a full-time coach is a lot of work. Doing chess lessons is very well-paid, but no matter how good you are at chess, coaching is not for everyone. Truly successful chess coaches are few and far between. And most often, the best ones are those who don’t work with earning money in mind.

How much does a chess coach make

International chess players and grandmasters have a whole team of coaches. They probably charge millions of dollars per year for their coaching and own a fair share of the player’s success too.

However, it does not mean that such famous coaches are any better than normal ones. When hiring a coach, you must keep in mind that coaches who are used to teaching students of a very advanced level of chess may not be very good at teaching beginners.
More expensive does not equate to better coaching. More expensive could simply mean better marketing and longer experience.

If you want a more direct answer to ‘How much does a chess coach make?’. The average salary for a chess teacher in the USA is $107,250 per year and an average of $55 per hour. Entry-level chess teachers earn $97,500 per year, and experienced ones earn about $126,750 per year. This is according to statistics.

But, of course, most chess coaches don’t work for a set salary. They take up classes according to demand, and how much they earn depends on how much they charge per hour, the number of students they have and how long they are willing to work.

In addition, the higher the ratings a chess player has, the more they charge. Generally, people look for coaches with more than 1600 rating points (USCF or FIDE). If a coach has ratings of more than 2600+, they will be considered professional. A UCSF-certified coach will be able to earn much more than non-certified coaches because there is more demand for them.

How much does a chess coach make? Summary

A chess coach will charge from $20-$30 per hour, and chess grandmasters will charge $50-$100 per hour. In the USA, Chess coaches earn an average of $107 250 per hour. But how much they earn depends on many factors like experience, ratings and success.

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