Splendor Strategy – Introduction

Splendor Strategy

Have you ever played the board game Splendor and just felt completely outmatched? Maybe you’ve won a game or two through sheer luck, but you know deep down you don’t have a solid strategy. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The rules seem simple enough – collect gems, get nobles, gain prestige. But there are layers of complexity that can take time to master. After many, many rounds of gameplay, victories and defeats, I’ve developed a strategy that will make you a Splendor champion. Follow these tips and your opponents won’t know what hit them. Before you know it, you’ll have a pile of gems, a court of nobles, and the most prestige. Get ready to start winning at Splendor!

I Never Lose at Splendor | Game Breakers | Strategy: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rfnYMfDZVY4&pp=ygURU3BsZW5kb3IgU3RyYXRlZ3k%3D

Understanding the Basics of Splendor Gameplay

To win at Splendor, you need to understand how the game works.

The goal is to earn 15 prestige points by acquiring gem cards and nobles. Each card has a point value and color requirement. Collect gems of the same color to meet requirements and claim higher-point cards.

Gathering Gems

Gems are acquired by taking gem cards from the display or taking gem tokens from the bank. Gem cards come in five colors: blue sapphires, green emeralds, red rubies, white diamonds, and black opals. Each gem card has 1-3 gems of the same color and a point value of 1-3.

Gem tokens provide 1 gem each and can be used to supplement what you collect from cards. You can have a maximum of 10 gems of any color. Return excess gems to the bank.

Claiming Nobles

Nobles provide bonus points but also have color requirements to claim them. Meet or exceed the requirements with your gem collection and add the noble card to your hand. Their points are worth double!

Earning Prestige Points

Add up the point values of all your gem and noble cards. The first player to reach 15 points wins! You can also end the game early by acquiring a prestige card worth 3-5 points.

By understanding how the different components work together, you’ll be well on your way to ruling Renaissance Europe and claiming victory in Splendor! Keep collecting those gems, claim powerful nobles, and amass prestige to beat your opponents.

Effective Early Game Moves for Splendor

To get ahead early in Splendor, you need to make strategic moves. Follow these tips to set yourself up for success:

Focus on nobles and prestige points. In the first few rounds, acquire gem cards in the ruby, emerald and sapphire colors which are needed for the nobles. Claiming nobles earns you big prestige points so you can grab an early lead.

Build engines. Get groups of gem cards of the same color so you can start gaining more gems each round. The more engines you have, the more flexibility and power you’ll gain. Look for opportunities to get three or more of the same gem color in a row.

Diversify your gems. While building engines is key, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Aim for a mix of gem colors so you have more options to buy cards and claim nobles. If you only have sapphires, you won’t be able to get the nobles that need rubies and emeralds.

Block your opponents. Pay attention to the cards your opponents collect so you can guess what they need to complete sets or claim nobles. Collect those gems or nobles first to block them, if you’re able. This strategic blocking can help you gain a lead while frustrating your opponents.

With the right balance of building engines, diversifying gems, focusing on nobles and prestige points, and blocking opponents, you’ll be well on your way to winning at Splendor. Use these tips in the early game to gain momentum that will carry you to victory.

Mid-Game Splendor Strategies to Set Yourself Up for Success

Once you’ve got a few games of Splendor under your belt, it’s time to step up your strategy. The mid-game is where champions are made—or broken. Follow these tips to gain a competitive edge:

Focus on gaining nobles. Nobles are key to victory, so start working towards the gem requirements of at least one noble card early on. Having multiple nobles in your sights gives you flexibility in case another player claims one. Get the nobles that match the gem types you already have the most of for an easy win.

Diversify your gem types. While specializing in a couple gem types is good, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Aim for gaining a foothold in at least 3 of the 5 gem types. That way you have more options for gaining nobles and buying gem-producing cards. If one type gets scarce, you have backups. Variety is the spice of Splendor!

Reserve cards strategically. Use your reserve slots for cards that are just out of your reach so you can grab them quickly next turn. But don’t reserve cards you have no hope of buying for many turns. Reserve cards are a limited resource, so choose wisely based on your current gem counts and production. Plan 2-3 turns ahead with your reserves.

Disrupt your opponents. Pay attention to which nobles and high-point cards your opponents seem to be aiming for. If you can swoop in and claim those first, it will throw off their strategy and stall their progress. You want to force them to change direction, losing valuable turns in the process. Subtle sabotage is part of the game!

Following these tips for the mid-game of Splendor will put you in a strong position to gain a commanding lead in points and nobles. Don’t get distracted going after every shiny new card—have a clear strategy and stick to it for the win! With practice, you’ll gain a reputation as a Splendor master.

End Game Tactics to Seal the Win

When playing Splendor, the end game is where champions are made. As players get close to reaching 15 points, strategy becomes key. Follow these tactics to maneuver yourself to victory.

Focus on nobles

In the final rounds, nobles are critical. Not only do they provide big point boosts, securing a noble also denies points to your opponents. Save your gems and coins for nobles, even if it means passing on other buys. Snatch up any nobles that come out, especially higher point ones.

Block your opponents

Pay close attention to which cards your opponents need to complete sets or claim nobles. If possible, grab those cards before they can. Buying a card just to prevent someone else from getting it is a valid strategy that can win you the game. Keep an eye on which colors and gem types they’ve been collecting to determine what they need.

Spend your remaining currency

Use any leftover gems, coins, and jokers in those final turns. Don’t save for future buys, go ahead and spend to earn extra points from more expensive cards or complete sets. Every point counts at the end, so put all your currency to work for you.

Choose wisely

With limited turns left, every buy matters. Carefully consider which cards provide the most points for their cost before purchasing. Focus on completing high-point sets or sets that provide bonuses. Don’t waste buys on cards that won’t significantly boost your score. Think strategically about how each buy advances you closer to victory.

Following these tactics in the end game stage of play will put you in the perfect position to win at Splendor. Make the most of each turn by spending wisely, blocking opponents, and focusing on nobles. Use every tool at your disposal to gain points quickly and cross the finish line first! With practice, you’ll be a Splendor champion in no time.

Common Splendor Mistakes to Avoid

To win at Splendor, you need to avoid some common mistakes. You’re probably eager to get started buying up mines and becoming the gemstone tycoon you were meant to be, but slow down—there are a few strategic errors you should steer clear of first.

Going All In Too Early

Don’t blow all your tokens on expensive mines or gemstones right out of the gate. Start small by acquiring some cheaper mines and gems so you have resources coming in each turn. Then you can save up to buy the bigger mines and gemstones. If you spend everything at once, you’ll have nothing left to build upon. Take it slow and build up gradually.

Focusing On Only One Gem Type

While specializing in emeralds or rubies may seem like a good strategy, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Aim for a balanced portfolio with a mix of the different gemstones. That way if the supply of one gem dwindles, you have others to fall back on. Plus, having a variety gives you more options to meet nobles’ requests and gain their favor.

Neglecting Bonus Tokens

Don’t forget about the bonus tokens you can gain each turn. Fulfilling a noble’s request, acquiring a new gemstone type, and diversifying into a new mine color all provide extra tokens. These really add up over time and give you a leg up. Make it a point to try and trigger at least one or two bonus token opportunities each turn. The extra tokens will make a big difference!

Missing Opportunities to Block Opponents

Keep an eye on what resources your opponents need and try to acquire them first if you’re able. Blocking your opponents is key, especially as the gemstone supplies start to dwindle. Denying them access to resources they need to gain favor with nobles and earn more tokens will strengthen your position. Look for chances to get the upper hand over your opponents at every turn.

With the right strategy and avoiding these common mistakes, you’ll be dominating Splendor in no time and taking your place as the head of the gemstone empire! Stick to these tips and outmaneuver your opponents at every turn.


So there you have it, the key strategies you need to dominate at Splendor. Focus on gems you already have a head start in, build up those bonus chips, and don’t be afraid to take some risks to grab nobles and gain big points. With some practice, these tips will become second nature and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the Splendor champion of your gaming group. What are you waiting for? Go deal out those gem cards, rack up the points and start building your empire today! The jewels, gold, and victory can all be yours if you play your gems right.

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