Chess is a race against time. You become a better-performing player and a worthy opponent if you can make the right move quickly. Let us see about Top 5 Chess Clocks. A chess clock is used to track time and ensure players take only a little time. It has two clocks adjacent to each other, one for each player. There are two buttons on either side, so the players can press the button once their move is over. Although widely used in chess, it has also become a part of other games such as Shogi, Scrabbles, and other two-player games.

It has come a long way from Analog clocks to more advanced digital clocks. We must look into the quality, check the availability of the time options, and, most importantly, the usability. Furthermore, it has to be approved by The International Chess Federation or World Chess Federation (FIDE).

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Here are the top 5 chess clocks that are available in the market to purchase.

DGT 3000 Digital Chess Clock

Digital Game Technology has a long history with chess clocks; their first ever clock was released in 1985. DGT 3000 is a highly advanced limited edition chess clock released in 2014 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of DGT. It is entirely in compliance with the FIDE rules and regulations. DGT 3000 has a large display of 1.38″ tall x 5.12″ wide, which allows a range of information to be displayed. The seconds are shown from the start.

There are 24 pre-programmed timing options and five manual settings that permit setting time as preferred. This clock also has bonus time, delays, and more. It comes with a user manual – instructions in 6 different languages – that helps you set the clock easily. DGT 3000 is compatible with any DGT Electronic Chessboard. DGT 3000, as a standalone, has multiple features but toss it together with a DGT Electronic chess board, and you will be able to experience its complete functionality. Pair it with a DGT Pi; it’s a recipe for an exceptional chess game against a deadly player.

Top 5 Chess Clocks

BHB Special Mechanical Chess Clock

Handcrafted by the finest craftsmen in BHB, BHB Special Mechanical Clock has become an embodiment of mechanical chess clocks. This is just for you if you’re looking for a classical chess clock. Crafted using intricate German engineering, this chess clock is known for its impeccable timing accuracy. This doesn’t require any battery as the clock runs using the winding power. It has a 5-minute time scale and a flagging feature that allows the player better time management. The chess clock can be found in various colors in the market.

BGT 2010 Chess Clock

If you want to enter international stages, then, of course, you should know this chess clock. BGT 2010 is used in the World Championship, approved and recommended by the FIDE. It was initially released in 2007 but was upgraded to BGT2010 in 2010. It gained the “Official FIDE Chess Clock” title in June 2008 after intensive testing done by four top-level arbiters. It has a display size of 25 x 135 mm, showing the time remaining for each player. This chess clock has 22 pre-programmed time options and a few manual time options. It is not limited to chess, but can also be used in Blitz, Scrabbles, Go, Shogi, etc.

Analog Garde Classic Chess Clock 

Simple yet exquisitely designed piece of analog clockwork that will provide you with an upscale chess experience. It is a recognized chess clock that has an antique touch to it. Engineered in Germany and built with a cedar-wooden frame and brass fittings, it has large dials providing a clear outlook of the clocks. It’s a mechanical clock that doesn’t require batteries, but with occasional winding up, you are good to go. There are no complex functionalities, but it gives you precise timings. If you want a simple chess game, or an elegant chess clock with accurate timings, you have found the right one. 

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VTEK300 Advanced Digital Chess Clock

One of the features that we always look into whenever buying a product is the user-friendliness of the said product. It is safe to say the VTEK300 Advanced Digital Chess Clock is one of the easy-to-use clocks made in the USA. Additionally, it has many features that can assist you in your game. It has two large LCDs measuring 4 x 8.4cm with clear digits and text shown for each player in the game.

It is easy to navigate through pre-defined time options depending on the type of game you want. You can also access your favorite time controls or the recently played time controls as you feel fit. The records and logs of your previous games will be stored for later use. It also stores the status of the last game played. The status of a player can be observed through a multicolored LED indicator. It has a long battery life. It has a comparatively good storage space that opens the door for smooth play. Moreover, the chess clock is in accordance with the FIDE and the USCF (United States Chess Federation).


This reading would have given you a clear idea on chess clocks that are approved by FIDE. This will make your purchase easier and benefit to you.

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