What is the Azul Strategy Board Game?

Azul strategy game is a simple board game where players simply place colored tiles on their boards and score points based on how they have been placed. When specific sets or patterns are completed, players will earn bonus points. If there are any tiles remaining, players will get negative points.

The game consists of several rounds, and players take the times from a central factory display. The player with the highest score will win.

Azul is a simple yet beautiful strategy game with colorful tiles. It’s a game you will never get tired of. If you are an Azul lover, and looking for the best tips and tricks to win at Azul every time, then this is the place for you!

Whether you are a seasoned Azul player or a beginner, here are some strategies to dominate the Azul board every single time!

Tips for Winning at Azul Strategy Board Game

Tip 1: Be flexible with your tiles

It is important to be flexible with your tile choices. Don’t focus on the color of your tiles. Rather, focus on the available options and the surrounding tiles. This prevents you from getting stuck on certain tiles or missing scoring opportunities.

Tip 2: Block your opponents

Keep an eye on your opponents. As important as it is to score your own points, you also need to prevent your opponent from winning. If you see your opponent struggling to complete a row, then try to block them by drafting the tiles they need. This is very useful in the last few rounds when players have limited options and no time to recover from a poorly chosen tile.

Tip 3: Focus on completing rows and columns

Completed rows and columns will earn bonus points, so focus on completing them. Completed rows and columns also provide more opportunities for adjacent tile placements and increase your score further.

Tip 4: Understand the Azul scoring system

The scoring system allows the scores to be multiplied if tiles are placed a certain way. If you understand this system and play accordingly, it will greatly help you multiply your scores. For example, placing your tiles horizontally and vertically adjacent to other tiles will earn you more points.

Tip 5: Use negative points

Negative points are undesirable, but there are ways to make the best use of them. Sometimes the small points lost may be worth it if it means that it allows you to complete a high-scoring pattern later on.

Tip 6: Anticipate your future tiles

If you plan ahead well and choose your tiles accordingly, it will help you make some high-scoring patterns. By thinking ahead, you can also avoid ending up with unwanted tiles and optimize scoring potential.

Tip 7: Adapt according to tile availability

Base your strategy according to the tiles that are available. Change your plan if you can’t draft the tiles you need.

Tip 8: Look forward to End-game bonuses

The end-game bonuses make a significant difference to your final score. You will receive bonus points for each completed row, column or five tiles of the same color. Keep track of these bonuses and aim to complete what will give you the highest scores.

Azul Strategy Board game tips and tricks to win: Summary

Azul is a fairly simple board game, but if you want to excel in the game, then these eight simple tips will help you every time. Always think ahead before you choose your tiles and play in a way that optimizes your scoring potential. Also, practice makes perfect. Practice with these tips to create a stunning mosaic on your game board!

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