Is Il Vaticano a real chess move in 2023? Is Il Vaticano chess move really a chess move from history that has not got the importance it deserves? Has FIDE overlooked the move or sidelined the validity of the ove?

What is the Il Vaticano Chess Move?

Let me explain. 

AnarchyChess is a meme creator who had written an explanation for a new chess move called Il Vaticano on, claiming that it was ‘the greatest chess move ever’ and that the move won the game for them. 

So according to AnarchyChess, Il Vaticano is valid when

Two bishops 

  • Of the same player
  • On squares of different color
  • On the same rank
  • Are two squares apart
  • With both the squares in-between occupied by enemy pieces

then Il Vaticano is a forced move where the two bishops swap places and capture both pieces on the squares in between.

Is Il Vaticano a Real Chess Move

But, a condition is that Il Vaticano will not be a valid or forced move if the King is one of the pieces in between the squares and if the move does not result in the King being put into check. 

AnarchyChess further adds their reasoning that this is because the church has no supremacy over the King. 

And while one does dare declare supremacy over the King, the United Kingdom will declare war on FIDE, so the post says!

Look at the demonstration of the Il Vaticano move on

The supposed move and the reasoning behind it do seem hilarious and impossible to be true. But taking into consideration FIDE rules regarding chess and the original rules of chess, do you think the Il Vaticano move is a real one? 

So is Il Vaticano a move that is not given the recognition it deserves? According to some, when this move is used in conjunction with a Boncloud attack, it can decimate the strategy of the opponent. 

But Is Il Vaticano a Real Chess Move?

The answer is no. Il Vaticano is a fake chess move invented by the AnarchyChess subreddit.

Even if it did not do chess any good, it did give us a good laugh!

AnarchyChess is a joke chess forum that is full of chess fans and trolls too. 

The validity of the move has created a lot of confusion among many because people have taken to writing fake historical reasoning and how the move came to be. The posts may seem very convincing, but they are all untrue.

It’s a hoax! Don’t fall for it!

So is Il Vaticano a real chess move? Summary

No, it isn’t. Il Vaticano is a fake chess move invented by AnarchyChess on subreddit. AnarchyChess is a joke chess forum for chess memes and trolls. As convincing and real as the move may sound, it’s false!

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