Tarot Card Games – Introduction

Tarot Card Games

You’ve got a deck of tarot cards and some time to kill. Why not put those mysterious cards to good use with some entertaining games? Tarot cards aren’t just for divination and fortune telling. Beyond their occult associations, tarot cards feature colorful imagery and archetypal symbols that lend themselves perfectly to casual gameplay. Whether you’re a tarot pro or just starting out, tarot card games are a great way to get familiar with the cards in a low-pressure, social setting.

Play a classic like tarocchi or invent your own game using the evocative illustrations and meanings in the cards. Deal out the fool, the magician, the empress, and see where the reading leads you. With the right group of friends and the right attitude, you might end up telling fortunes after all.

TAROT 101 : Everything you need to know about Tarot Cards: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9nVZ1cDL4Kc&pp=ygUQVGFyb3QgQ2FyZCBHYW1lcw%3D%3D

Introducing Tarot Card Games: A Fun Way to Use Your Cards

Ever want to do more with your tarot cards than just readings? Tarot card games are a fun, social way to bond with fellow tarot enthusiasts or introduce newbies to the cards.

Matching games

A simple matching game helps you become more familiar with the imagery and meanings of each card. Deal out half the deck to each player face down. Take turns flipping over two cards, trying to find matches. If they match, you get a point and take another turn. If not, flip them back over. The player with the most pairs at the end wins!

Tarot card rummy

Similar to rummy, deal 7-10 cards to each player. Make runs (3+ of a kind in sequence) or sets (3+ of a kind) by discarding and drawing new cards. First player to get rid of all their cards by making runs and sets wins. Use the major arcana as wild cards.

Tarot card poker

Deal 5-7 cards to each player. Bet chips or tokens each round. Make the best 5-card hand you can using standard poker hands like pairs, straights or flushes. The player with the best hand at the end of each round wins the pot. The fool can be used as a wild card.

Tarot card blackjack

Deal two cards to each player with the major arcana worth 10 points each. Aces are worth 1 or 11. Get as close to 21 without going over. Players can draw extra cards or stick with what they have. The player closest to 21 wins!

With a little creativity, you can adapt many classic card games to use your tarot deck. Give these a try at your next tarot meetup or use them to help familiarize beginners with the cards in a fun, interactive way. The possibilities for tarot games are endless!

Top 5 Most Popular Tarot Card Games

Once you have your tarot deck, it’s time to have some fun with it! Here are the top 5 most popular tarot card games:

1. Tarot Reading Practice

This is a great way for beginners to become familiar with the cards and their meanings. Pull 3-5 cards at a time and interpret them, checking a reference book if needed. Go through the whole deck over time. With practice, the imagery and interpretations will become second nature.

2. Tarot Rummy

Similar to the popular card game Rummy, players make sets and runs of 3 of a kind or in sequence with the same suit. Deal and play as in Rummy. This helps you associate the numerical order and suits of the Minor Arcana.

3. Tarot Poker

Using the Minor Arcana, deal 5 cards to each player. Make the best poker hand you can, with the highest being a Royal Flush. Betting rounds proceed as in 5-card draw. Get to know the numerical cards and suits while enjoying a classic game.

4. Tarot Memory

Place all 78 cards face down. Flip over two cards, then try to find the match. If correct, remove the pair. If incorrect, flip them back over. Continue until all matches are made. This challenges your memory of the card images and their positions.

5. Tarot Solitaire

Deal 21 cards in a horseshoe shape. Build sequences down by alternating colors. Spaces can be filled with Kings (13), and sequences can wrap from King to Ace. Deal 3 cards at a time, and fill all spaces to win. A fun solo game that reinforces sequence and suit.

How’s that for an entertaining way to get to know your tarot cards? Give one or more of these games a try – you’ll be reading tarot with confidence in no time!

How to Play the Tarot Card Game “The Fool’s Journey”

The Fool’s Journey is a fun, simple tarot card game that can be played with 2 to 6 players. To play, you will need a standard 78-card tarot deck and some tokens for keeping score.

How to Play

Deal out all the major arcana cards (cards 0 through 21) evenly among the players. Place the minor arcana cards face down to form a draw pile.

On each turn, a player draws a card from the pile and places it face up next to the major arcana cards dealt at the beginning of the game. Players take turns proceeding clockwise.

If the drawn card matches the meaning or imagery of any major arcana card in front of any player, that player scores a point. For example, drawing the Two of Cups would match the Lovers card. Drawing the Eight of Swords would match the Justice card. The player with the matching card takes the drawn minor arcana card.

Keep a tally of points earned with tokens like stones, glass beads or poker chips. The first player to earn 10 points wins!

For added fun, discuss the symbolism and imagery on each card as it’s drawn and how it relates to the major arcana cards in play. This helps all players strengthen their tarot reading skills in an enjoyable, low-pressure way.

The Fool’s Journey is a simple yet engaging game that brings tarot cards to life. Whether you’re new to tarot or an experienced reader, this game is a lighthearted way to bond over the cards with friends or family. Give it a try at your next get-together!

Tips for Hosting a Tarot-Themed Game Night

Hosting a tarot-themed game night with friends is a fun way to bring the mystical cards to life. Here are some tips to help you plan an entertaining evening of tarot games:

Choose Fun and Easy Games

Stick with classic games that are simple to learn but still intriguing. Some great options include:

Tarot Says: This is like Simon Says, but using tarot cards. Players take turns being the “reader” who draws a card and announces an action related to the card, like “Tarot says…act like The Fool!” The other players have to act out the card.

Tarot Pictionary: Players take turns drawing a tarot card and trying to get their teammates to guess the card through drawings only. This works best if you have a timer.

Tarot Charades: Similar to Pictionary but acting out the tarot card instead of drawing it. Players mime the meaning, imagery or story of their selected card.

Keep Things Lighthearted

While tarot cards have a serious mystical side, a game night should focus on the fun and social aspects. Keep things casual and humorous. Laugh at yourselves and each other in a good-natured way. Remind players not to take the games too seriously.

Provide Refreshments

Offer snacks, drinks and treats with a mystical twist to complete the theme. Some ideas include star and moon shaped cookies, “potion” cocktails, or candy crystals and stones. Dim lighting and mystical music also help set the mood.

Award Prizes (Optional)

If you want to step it up, you can offer small prizes for the winners of each game such as tarot-themed jewelry, candles or books. But prizes aren’t necessary to have a great time. The real reward is an evening of laughter and bonding over the tarot cards with good friends!

Resources for Creating Your Own Tarot Card Games

There are many ways to create your own fun tarot card games to play with friends or on your own. Here are a few resources to get you started:

Online Tutorials

Search online for “how to create tarot card games” and you’ll find many step-by-step tutorials. Some teach classics like “tarot poker,” where cards have point values and you make the best 5-card hand. Others share new games like “tarot rummy,” where you make sets and runs of 3-of-a-kind or sequences. Follow the rules or use them as inspiration to make up your own variation.

Tarot Card Meanings

Familiarize yourself with the meanings and imagery on each card. Use these to create games where players interpret one another’s cards. For example, have each player draw 3 cards to represent the past, present and future. Then have the other players analyze the story and meanings. The player with the most insightful reading wins!

A Deck of Cards

If you have a deck of playing cards, use it to help generate ideas for tarot games. Many classic card games can be adapted to use tarot cards. For example, play “tarot war” where higher trump cards beat lower ones, or “tarot crazy eights” where players match suits or ranks to discard cards.

Your Imagination

The possibilities are endless! Tap into your creativity to make up totally new tarot card games. Use the imagery, numbers, suits, and meanings for inspiration. Games could involve memory, strategy, storytelling or divination. Keep things light and fun.

With a little imagination and the resources around you, you’ll be creating your own tarot card games in no time. Share them with others in the tarot community and start your own gaming tradition! The more you practice reading tarot cards, the more intuitive new game ideas will become.

Tarot Card Games


You now have several fun ways to use your tarot deck for entertainment with friends and family. Whether playing a classic game like Tarot Says, creating an imaginative story together, or using the cards for creative inspiration, tarot cards can be so much more than just a tool for divination. So grab your deck, invite some friends over, pour yourselves a drink of choice, and enjoy an evening of laughter and wonder.

The tarot holds mysteries and delights for all. Who knows, you might just find hidden depths in yourself or your relationships through the journey into a new tarot adventure. The possibilities are as endless as the human imagination.

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