The War of Mine features a cast of colorful characters. But besides my assumption that they are all reasonably balanced, I have seen both people who like and dislike some of the characters. Although most are situational, I’m checking out each category’s top and bottom picks.

Bruno in This war of mine

Former soldier Bruno lost his family in the conflict. He loves his family dearly and has made it his life’s work to keep them safe. Because of this, Bruno is a great fighter and leader; occasionally, he even leads raids with other survivors!

His talent is one of the most important and amazing ones. He also comes across as being quite egotistical, which can be good. He smokes, which is the only drawback.

Pavle in This war of mine

A middle-aged man named Pavle has lost his family to the conflict. Pavle is slightly superior to Anton. He was formerly a police officer and had been residing in the same housing complex as other refugees since he left Serbia. Pavle is incredibly compassionate and kind, but he also has a tenacious determination to overcome any challenges that come his way.

best this war of mine characters

Anton in This war of mine

Anton’s ability is unknown to us, so that’s a drawback. He’s reasonably moral, so it’s not too difficult to make him happy (but also sad). It’s great that he doesn’t have any addictions. If he wants to stay, I’ll never say no, but there are undoubtedly better people.

Zlata in This war of mine

The oldest person in your group, Zlata, manages to keep everyone together by sharing stories at bedtime. Zlata is a fantastic asset because she is better than others at helping depressed survivors. She plays the guitar well, has no addictions, and has 12 places for her backpack.

Marko in This war of mine

Marko can open doors and chests, but he cannot fix broken weapons or give you food or water (although you should already have plenty). Marko is an excellent scavenger—as long as you don’t kill innocent people. He is marginally superior to Boris because he moves faster and makes less noise.

This war of mine‘s Emilia

This emotionless girl can be trusted. She won’t frequently feel happy or sad, giving you a dependable survivor. She only has 10 backpack spots and drinks coffee. She is still superior to many other survivors, despite that.


He smokes and seems to cry more quickly than the others, in my experience. But he has a whopping 17 backpack storage spaces. He may be slow and loud, but as long as you don’t steal from him, it doesn’t matter.


The group’s youngest member, Katia, frequently feels as though she doesn’t belong in a world where everyone else has suffered so greatly. She tries to be helpful and friendly to the other characters, but it can be challenging when you only want to evacuate to your bed and pretend nothing is wrong.

best this war of mine characters


She has a good ability that makes stealing people easier. However, she only has 10 places for backpacks, which can be annoying if you’re stealing. She smokes, which could be problematic.


She isn’t awful, but she’s also not great. She interacts with NPCs more effectively than other survivors, in my experience. She is one of the most ethical people I know, which can easily make her happy or sad. Although she has no addictions, she doesn’t have much to offer other survivors. But I still usually let her stay. She has the most intriguing story.


Roman isn’t that helpful, but that’s just me. Although I very rarely kill people, he can do it more easily. In addition, he only has 10 backpack spots, so many others will be better suited to send scavenging than him. He smokes as well.


Marin has the most remarkable talent. But whenever I’ve had him, he seems to get sick and depressed much more quickly than the others. He becomes a huge liability because of this, and I’d instead use the extra money to take care of Marin. Additionally, Marin is a coffee addict. But he has a fascinating tale to tell.

This war of mine is a good game with interesting characters. The story is interesting, the gameplay is exciting, and the graphics are good. Although the characters you play in this game differ significantly from one another, they all have distinct personalities that make them endearing and memorable. I hope you learned something new about the game from this post and that you will love playing it as much as I do.

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