Where Can I Buy a Carrom Board in USA? Introduction

Where can I buy a carrom board in USA? Here are a few places where you can buy some of the best carrom boards in the USA. Finding a store that sells carrom boards is not difficult, but you need to find one that is suitable for tournament playing as well if you are really that passionate about playing carrom.

When choosing a carrom board, you have to look into the material and the finish. Having a smooth finish on the board and the type of wood or material is crucial. Smoothness dictates how fast or how accurately your coins would travel across the board.

If you are passionate about playing carrom on a professional level rather than just for entertainment, then it’s best to practice on a good quality board. I have come across some carrom boards that are of the worst quality possible. Trust me; it is a waste of money. It is no fun playing on a carrom board with a bad surface, and no amount of boric acid powder can fix the problem.

Where Can I Buy a Carrom Board in USA? The best places

1. Amazon

Buying a carrom board from Amazon would seem like an obvious option, but people may be afraid to buy a board online without being able to test its quality first.
But there are some amazing boars available on Amazon. Always look at the rating and read reviews before you make your order. Some of my best options on Amazon are SAI Sports Engineered Wood Gloss Finish Carrom board, Wooden Carrom Recreational Vintage Classic Desktop board game and the Taj Deluxe 12mm Carrom Board.

Where Can I Buy a Carrom Board in USA

2. Billiboards

has one of the best carrom board brands in the USA. They have a wide range of good quality Synco Carrom boards. Synco boards are some of the best boards you can buy. They also have a physical store in the U.S. where you can visit to check the quality of the board.

3. Siscaa

Siscaa is one of the best carrom board brands, and you can order a board from them online. They are also one of the major carrom board suppliers to major sports stores across USA so buying them from them is a quality guarantee as well as a lower price than from sports stores.

4. Decathlon

Don’t get fooled into buying carrom boards from any sports store and thinking it’s good quality. But as far as I know, the carrom boards at Decathlon are of the best quality. Decathlon is one of the largest sports stores in the USA and has many branches.

5. Precise

Precise is another quality carrom board manufacturer. You can order online at their website and have it shipped to your doorstep.
Check if your local sports stores have good brands like siscaa, precise and Synco.

Where Can I Buy a Carrom Board in USA? Conclusion

There are many places, both online and physical, where you can buy carrom boards, but check if they are a good quality brand. Generally, Synco, Precise and Siscaa are good quality brands. Synco is the best quality carrom board I have played on. You can buy Synco boards at Billiboards, Amazon and many major sports stores across USA.

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