Why Are Russians So Good at Chess? Introduction

Russians have dominated World Chess Tournaments for many years. The Soviet Union considered themselves invincible champions at chess until the 1970s when Bobby Fischer of the USA claimed the cup.

One of the most notable Russian chess players who held an unbeatable position for many years is Grandmaster Gary Kasparov. Kasparov became the youngest-ever world chess champion at the age of 22. Today, Kasparov is still one of the most distinctive figures in chess history.

It is well-known among chess players that when it comes to chess, Russians excel in every tournament. But why are Russians so good at chess? What makes them excel in a sport that does not come easy for many?

There are several possible reasons why the Russians are so good at chess.

Why Are Russians So Good at Chess?

  1. Chess is one of the most valued past-times for Russians. There is hardly a child who does not play chess with his friends. To most Russians, chess is part of growing up and an important part of their childhood. Almost every Russian you know would most probably be an avid chess player. Chess is part and parcel of Russian culture.

2. There are daily chess contests that occur on city sidewalks, public parks and even forest clearings. They play casual games against friends and strangers too.

3. The Soviet government has greatly invested in the game and has encouraged it among the masses. Those who have high achievements in chess are highly honored.

Encouraging chess is one of the ways the government sought to increase mental skills and strengthen the mental health of the public. Nikolay Krylenko was one of the revolutionary commanders of the Soviets who established many institutions to teach chess to the public.

4. Chess has a lot to do with Russian politics. Nikolay also utilized the game as a vehicle of international dominance. Even Gary Kasparov was a strong revolutionist and critic of President Vladimir Kasparov. He had many followers and was a strong public figure due to his excellence in chess.

5. The Russians were also responsible for many changes in chess rules. They eliminated some rules and replaced them with others. In the 18th century, the chess Queen could only move diagonally and sideways. But now she can move in the L-Shape, too, like a knight.

The Russians have made some of the most crucial contributions towards the development of chess around the world. This includes providing the public with important chess tips and how to excel at the game.

why are Russians so good at chess

Why Are Russians So Good at Chess? Conclusion

The Russians are so good at chess because they have been playing the game since their childhood. Chess is a strong part of their culture. The government, too, encourages chess and awards talented chess players greatly.

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