Are Both Hands Allowed in Carrom?

Are both hands allowed in Carrom? Is it allowed to switch between both hands while playing? The answer is yes; you can switch between hands at any time and use whichever hand you find comfortable.

Carrom is a game that does not have many rules. And it is fun to play too. Learning to use your fingers properly to aim and having a good sense of motion is what will help you become a master at carom.

There are few people who are able to use both hands to play carom because most people are not ambi dexterous. I am a right-hander. If I was to try making a strike with my left, I am pretty sure it’s going to go awry.

Why would anyone want to switch between both hands in carrom? It will only be if the player is equally comfortable and confident in using both hands. And in situations where making a strike using the other hand is advantageous.

Are Both Hands Allowed in Carrom

I have seen players switch hands while playing carrom when they find their hands shivering while trying to make a strike. This is common in beginners and even in professionals when they are under pressure.

But where there is fear, I have found that switching hands does not work. You need to take a deep breath and steady yourself first. Calm down. And then take aim patiently. Live in the moment rather than think of the outcome.

Is Thumbing Allowed in Carrom?

Yes, thumbing is allowed in carrom in both carrom tournaments and International Carrom Laws. Thumbing or a thumbshot is when a player strikes using his thumb.

Carrom players have a fixed baseline to play from. Sometimes when some of the coins are at the back of the baseline, thumbing comes easy. A thumbshot can strike backwards.
But when you play carrom casually, thumbing is not normally allowed. This is because players tend to move around their chairs to a position that suits them most, so you can’t allow thumbing too to allow a fair game.

Alternating between both hands in carrom is very useful when thumbing.

In addition, an important rule in carrom is that your hand cannot cross the diagonal lines of the board when making a strike.

Are Both Hands Allowed in Carrom: Conclusion

Yes, alternating or switching between both hands is allowed in carrom. In fact, most professional players typically use both hands in tournaments. Alternating between both hands is very useful when thumbing. Switching hands will help you get at coins that are difficult to reach with one hand. But unless you are very skilled at using both hands, it’s safe to use only the hand which you are most comfortable with.

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