The pandemic has changed how we interact and, in the process, how we have fun with our friends. But just because we can’t gather in person doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a fun game night with friends. But what are the most popular fun online board games to play with your friends in 2023? Here is the best-filtered list for your viewing pleasure.

List of Fun Online Board Games to Play with Friends

  • Settlers of Catan/ Catan Universe
  • Tabletop Simulator
  • Codenames
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Monopoly 
  • Scrabble 
  • Dominion 
  • Risk

Online board games have been a saving grace for many during the past few years, and the good news is that plenty is out there. In this article, we’ll explore some top-ranked online board games to play with your friends and how they can provide you with hours of entertainment and laughter.

Settlers of Catan/ Catan Universe

fun online board games to play with friends
Plenty of fun online board games to play with friends are available.

Settlers of Catan is a classic strategy game that has been around since the 1990s and is still popular today. As settlers on an island, you and your pals will engage in resource trade and construct towns, roads, and other urban infrastructure. There’s room for up to four players; you may play with only the original game or add expansions to ramp up the difficulty.

But here, Catan Universe is an online version of the standard board game “Settlers of Catan,” a strategy game. In the Catan Universe, players roll dice to determine which resources they will receive and then use those resources to build roads, cities, and settlements. Players can also trade with each other to acquire resources they may need. The goal is to get as many victory points as possible by building and expanding settlements. The winner is the first to reach a certain number of victory points.

Catan Universe has different play methods, like a single-player campaign, online games with friends or random people, and special events. The game also includes various expansions, which offer additional gameplay features and scenarios.

Overall, Catan Universe is a fun and exciting online game that lets people from all over the world play the classic Settlers of Catan strategy and resource management game with each other.

Tabletop Simulator

fun online board games to play with friends
Enjoy free time with your friends using these online board games

Tabletop Simulator is a popular online multiplayer game that lets you play board games, card games, and other tabletop games in a virtual world. Players can choose from different games, change game parts and settings, and talk to each other using voice and text chat. Offline and online play is possible, and the game has a large and engaged community of modders and other players. As a bonus, you can use it on several other devices. The game has a sizable and vibrant modding community, local and online play, and portability across several platforms.


fun online board games to play with friends
You will never feel alone with games

Thanks to the internet, you can play Codenames with anybody, whether they’re in the same room as you. The game’s goal is for one red team and one blue team to guess each other’s secret phrases before the other side does so. A single phrase is printed on each card, and the game takes place on a 5×5 grid.

Each team has a “spymaster,” responsible for giving one-word clues to their teammates, trying to lead them to the cards that correspond to their team’s secret words. The catch is that some of the cards on the board are “neutral,” and one is the “assassin” card. If a team guesses the assassin card, they immediately lose the game.

Players worldwide can play the game online on different platforms, such as websites and apps. Players take turns being the spymaster and guessing which cards belong to their team. The team that correctly guesses their secret words first wins the game.

Cards Against Humanity 

“Cards Against Humanity” is a classical mode party game that will make you laugh. In this game, players take turns reading out a question or statement from a black card, and the other players answer with one of their white cards. The result is often hilarious and inappropriate, making it an excellent game for adults. Cards Against Humanity is a game that breaks the rules of politeness and encourages you to let loose and be yourself. It’s the best way to bond with your friends over a shared sense of humor and a love for wicked things.


Monopoly is a classic game that has been around for decades. Players buy and trade properties in this game and try bankrupting their opponents. It’s a game of strategy and luck, and you can play with up to six friends. You can play the classic version or try different editions like Game of Thrones or Disney. Monopoly is a game that requires patience, planning, and negotiation skills. It’s a game that can sometimes be intense, but it’s also a great way to spend an afternoon or evening with your friends.


If you and your friends love words and vocabulary, Scrabble is the game for you. Players create words on a board with letter tiles in this classic game. The words can always be worth different points based on the letters used, and the player with the highest mark at the end of the game wins. Scrabble is a game that can be both challenging and rewarding. It’s a great way to exercise your brain and expand your vocabulary, all while having fun with your friends.


Dominion is a digital card game in which players strive to create the most incredible deck to win. On the internet, you may compete against friends or strangers.

In Dominion, each player starts with a standard deck but may improve their hand by drawing certain cards. Players select a new hand of cards from the deck each round and use them to do various tasks, such as drawing more cards, playing action cards, or purchasing victory cards.

The ultimate goal is to accumulate victory points by acquiring victory cards, with the player with the most points at the game’s end is declared the winner. There are different ways to play the game, and players build their decks differently to get an edge over their opponents.

Dominion can be played online with players worldwide through various platforms, including websites and apps. Several expansions add more cards and ways to play that make the game more exciting and demanding. Overall, Dominion is a fun and challenging online game that requires strategic thinking and careful planning.


In Risk, players take command of armies and attempt to gain control of the planet. Playable with as many as six people, this game is about strategizing and making peace. Even though the game’s intensity might run high, it’s a fantastic choice for those who want a test of their mettle. To win at Risk, you need to use your wits and a little luck. It’s fun to determine who among your friends and family has the upper hand in a competitive situation.

End Note:

Playing online board games with your friends is a great way to stay connected during these times of social distancing. In conclusion, there are plenty of fun online board games to play with friends, and the options are constantly expanding. Whether you’re looking for strategy-based games, trivia games, or classic board game adaptations, plenty of options can bring hours of entertainment and friendly competition to your virtual game nights. So gather your friends, fire up your devices, and get ready to roll the dice and have some fun!


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