How Much is the Most Expensive Monopoly Game?

How much is the most expensive Monopoly game in the world? What makes it so expensive? Which country does it belong to? What is it made of? Here are some of the most interesting facts about the most expensive monopoly game of all.

The Most Expensive Monopoly Game in the World.

The most expensive monopoly game as of today is an exclusive designer set that is worth a whopping $2 million. The set was created by a jeweler called Sidney Mobell in San Francisco, USA, in 1988.

What makes it so expensive? The board is made of 23-carat gold and the most exquisite gemstones. The house pieces are solid 18-carat gold and have rubies and sapphires to top the chimneys. And the dice is one beautiful cube with 42 full-cut diamonds to mark the dots.

How Much is the Most Expensive Monopoly Game

The game is one elaborate jewel of a game set. It has a total of 165 rubies and sapphires in it. The dice are solid golden cubes with diamonds and are worth more than $10,000. The community chest chance cards, property cards, and all other cards are made of thin sheets of gold.

The fake money is not made of gold but is created using a special photo-etched technology which means that the currency is printed on both sides, making it look like real money.

The board game consists of 165 gemstones that are used in various positions around the board and its accessories.

Sidney Mobell managed to have the game sold for a massive amount and got a huge profit out of it. He says that the motive behind designing the golden Monopoly game is to create a work of art. And a work of art, it is. It may not be practical to play with a golden Monopoly board, but it’s definitely a beautiful game board to look at.

The game has been played just once by Sidney Mobell and former British Prime Minister Edward Heath.

Sidney Mobell is also the proud maker of other jewelry-encrusted golden board games like backgammon, dominos, and chess sets.

The game is now housed in the Smithsonian Museum with other works of Sidney Mobell.

How Much is the Most Expensive Monopoly Game? Conclusion

The most expensive Monopoly game in the world costs $ 2 million. It was designed by Sidney Mobell of the USA and is currently housed at the Smithsonian Museum. The board and the pieces are made of pure gold and rare gemstones.

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