The Siberian attack chess trick is one of the strongest moves that lead to quick checkmate. Also known as the Siberian Traps, it is popular in the Sicilian and the Queen’s Gambit.

siberian attack chess

What is Siberian Attack Chess?

The Siberian Attack is a trap set by chess players that leads to a devastating attack on their opponents if they fall for it.

The Siberian Attack Chess is a clever counter-attack in the Smith-Morra Gambit opening against the Sicilian defense.

In Siberian Attack Trap, the player (white) will offer a pawn sacrifice and get his pawns ready in the active squares of the board.

The Siberian trap is very clever but also risky at the same time. If the player is not careful, the opponent might use the opportunity to attack, and White might lose his queen. The trap temporarily puts the white queen in a vulnerable position.

If the trap does work out, however, it will quickly and efficiently force the opponent into a checkmate.

The trap has occurred a few times in tournament history. It was used between Kolonbet-Schipkov in 1987, Kolonbet-Magerramov in 1990 and between Rohot-Szabo in 2001.

Watch this video for more details on how Siberian Chess Attack works.

So, in conclusion

Siberian chess attack is a type of opening in Smith-Morra Gambit. It is a clever trap set for the king that will quickly lead to a checkmate. However, setting the trap is risky as it will put the queen in a vulnerable position.

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