Let us deal with once and for all, who is Mitten? What is Mittens chess rating?

Who or What is Mitten?

Let me tell you the truth.

Mitten s one of those feline chess monsters who has taken over online chess.
As if dominating our domestic space and haunting our bedsides were not enough, here we have cunning cat masters to put us in check!

what is mittens chess rating

To be honest, Mittens is a chess bot. But she is not ‘just a robot’. Not only is she incredibly good at chess, but for chess enthusiasts, Mittens is a nightmare.

If you haven’t met Mittens yet, then let me warn you not to be deceived by her cute looks.

Mittens is a Cat Bot that was introduced by Chess.com on January 2023. These Bots include Scardey Cat (rating-800), Angry Cat (rating-1000), Mr. Grumpers (rating-1200), and Catspurrov (rating 1400).

And then the question arises. What is Mittens Chess Rating?

What is Mittens Chess Rating?

It seems very confusing, but Mittens Chess rating is only one.

Mittens are extremely clever and difficult to win with, but how come her rating is only one always?

And like me, there are also ones who love playing with Mittens just to see her snickers and sarcastic comments.

Mittens is supposed to have caused insomnia and madness in many ardent chess players. The famous Hikaru Nakamura too struggles against her. He managed to pull out a draw against her and save face for the human race.

The actual ratings of Mittens is unknown. She is definitely on the grandmaster level and could have a rating of more than 2500. If pitted against a grandmaster, Mittens will have no problems winning.

When Mittens was pitted against one of the world’s strongest chess engines known as Stockfish, Mittens lost. So Mittens must have a rating less than 3700 which is the rating of Stockfish.

In addition, Mittens played against Fabiano, the highest-rated character on Chess.com, but won. so her rating is above 2840. However, she lost against chess.com, the maximum chess engine with a rating of 3200.

So Mittens rating is somewhere between 2840 and 3200.

Do You Want to Meet Mittens?

If you think you can handle the danger of Mittens, then visit Chess.com and play against her. But I would suggest trying out her less ferocious friends first. If you think you are good enough for Mittens, try her out. You have nothing to lose.

To Conclude

What is Mitten’s chess rating? The exact rating of Mitten is unknown. But it is suspected to be between 2840 and 3200.

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