Some of the best Wingspan strategy tips to win at the game every time!

Wingspan: One of the Best Board Games Ever!

Yes, Wingspan is one of the best strategy board games ever invented.
The game is the brainchild of the ardent birdwatcher, Elizabeth Hargrave.
And as the name suggests, the game is all about birds. The game features more than 170 illustrated birds.

This is an ideal game for you if you are a bird lover. Each bird is connected to a chain of combinations in your habitat. These habitats or actions focus on important aspects of growth.

Your purpose is to gain food tokens through a dice in a birdfeeder dice tower. You can lay eggs using egg miniatures that come in a variety of colors. You also have hundreds of unique bird cards to draw from and play with.

The player with the most points after four points wins the game.

The game is beautifully designed and even more interesting to play.

If you are already familiar with the game, then here are some of the best tried and tested tips to soar over your opponents and steal a win at Wingspan every time you play!

The Best Wingspan strategy tips

1. Keep your focus on one or two of your habitats.

With Wingspan, it’s important to build your engine. Try to focus on one or two locations and build them rather than being slowed down by three.

Choose the habitats that match your round objectives and personal bonuses better. For example, if you choose forest, then cavity nests and bowl nests are the most common. And birds cost worms, wheat, and berries to play.

In grasslands, ground eggs are most common, and birds cost wheat and worms to play. In Wetlands, Platform nests are most common, and birds cost fish and worms to play.
So considering these, choose a habitat to focus on and build your engine.

2. Ravens and crows are overpowered!

Crows and Ravens will get you forward in the game because they are so overpowered. This is one of the best tips to keep in mind. Ideally, place them on Grasslands where you take the lay eggs action.

Ravens and crows allow you to trade eggs for food or cards. Ravens will help you get two foods, and crows like the American cow and the fish crow will let you take one food per egg.

3. Birds that can move will help you.

Some birds, like the Chimney Swift and Berwick’s Wren, have the ability to move in-between habitats.

You can use these cards to send them from one habitat to the other to help you play, or you can also send them to the habitat you aren’t focusing on and take advantage of a higher-level ability in your next turn.

4. Be careful with the bonus cards.

The bonus cards will get you bonuses. But be careful with how much attention you give them.

Bonus cards will help you get along in the game. It will also help you gain some extra points, which will help you win.

But at the same time, don’t focus too much on the bonus cards so much that you ignore other strategies that can help you win. So use the bonus cards to gain extra points but not as the main source of points.

Also, other players can see your bonus cards, too, so they will likely not play birds that will help you. But at the same time, there are cards that will gain you a few eggs or points when the opponent does an action that they are bound to do anyway.

wingspan strategy

5. Get a few high victory point birds.

High victory point birds will really help you. The best way to use them is to align them with a round goal or a bonus objective.

6. Don’t take actions that will help your opponents.

You can’t help your opponents if you want to win. For example, the Red Crossbill says that if activated, all payers will gain one wheat from the supply. This bird costs 2 wheat, 6 victory points, a bowl nest with a two-egg capacity and a wingspan of 28cm. This could be a good card to play, but it is best to avoid activating them because it helps your opponents.

7. Mix high-point birds with low-point ones.

Lower-point birds have higher powers. So it’s best to start with these lower-point birds that have strong powers and add on the high-point one later on.

Birds that will get you a lot of food will also not get you many points. Use these cards early on in the game.

If you don’t end up with good engine-building cards early in the game, then try to get some good ones with the Draw cards action.

Avoid playing too many high-point birds. Though they will earn bonuses for you, they will cost you a lot of food. If you can’t get enough food, then you will be stuck.

Wingspan Strategy Tips: Conclusion

Wingspan is one of the best strategy games I have ever played. Winning at Wingspan depends on how you plan your moves and by following your best strategies to build your engine. But a big part of it also depends on luck, as the dice determine your cards. You will need to try these tips and develop them to be the best you can be at the game.

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